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Releasing the Power of Git

GitKraken v4.2

In this release, we’ve added Bitbucket Server integration, File History and Blame View access, basic error-logging, new shortcuts, hover tooltips, and more. Find out more…

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GitKraken v4.1

GitKraken is now stronger and smoother than a lumberjack on Timber. In this release, we’ve increased performance and significantly reduced memory consumption. Plus, GitKraken now supports GitHub, GitLab, and VSTS pull request templates. Find out more…

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GitKraken v4.0

Files can now be edited directly in the GitKraken Git Client, which means it’s easier than ever to start a project, create some files, and start coding! We’ve also added syntax highlighting, split view, and more…

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GitKraken Reaches 1 Million Users

The GitKraken Git Client and Glo Boards just reached an incredible milestone of 1,000,000 users! Thank you to all of our users who made this possible. Now let’s get nostalgic and reflect on our journey together to reach one million…

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GitKraken v3.6

When it comes to creating pull requests, GitKraken differentiates itself from other Git clients by providing more robust functionality. In this release, you now have the ability to add assignees, reviewers and labels to PRs. Also, you can monitor the status of PRs! Find out more…

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Use GitKraken to Go Back in Time

Do you ever find yourself wondering what your project or website looked like a few months ago? Git makes it possible to find out, and GitKraken makes it easy. Find out how…

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GitKraken v3.5

You can now create commit message templates for each of your repositories, and GitKraken will now display co-authored commits. Find out what else is new and improved in this release!

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