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About GitKraken

How much does GitKraken cost?

GitKraken is free for personal, open source, non‑profit, or educational use.

In order to use GitKraken for commercial projects, or to upgrade to all the extra features GitKraken Pro has to offer, you’ll need to purchase GitKraken Pro.

Can I use my GitKraken Pro license on more than one computer?

Yes, your GitKraken Pro paid subscription is associated with your email address, not a specific computer. So you can use GitKraken Pro on as many computers as you'd like!

Is GitKraken open source? Can I contribute to its development?

No, GitKraken is not open source. We welcome your feature requests and any ideas you have to share. Feel free to let us know.

GitKraken does rely on open source projects like NodeGit, libgit2, and Electron. Our devs actively contribute to these projects in an effort to help all software that use them (including GitKraken, of course)!

But I want to work on GitKraken. Like, on the app itself.

Sounds like you’re looking for a career at Axosoft. We’re pretty nice people and we’re hiring talented devs.

I found a bug! What should I do?

Not what we like to hear, but we’re glad you caught it. Please report issues using the Feedback button in-app. If opening the app is the problem, you can also contact us.

Features & interface

Does GitKraken support GitLab?

Not only does GitKraken support GitLab, GitKraken integrates with your GitLab.com accounts! This means that from the app, you can:

  • Add/remove SSH keys
  • Initialize a repo
  • Clone a repo from your GitLab account
  • View GitLab remote avatars

Can I use GitKraken with GitHub Enterprise?

You sure can! GitKraken Pro allows you to use GitHub Enterprise to enjoy the same interactions that are possible with GitHub.com, right from within the app.

Does GitKraken support Bitbucket Server?

Yes, you can use Bitbucket Server with GitKraken! You will need to clone your repo (File > Clone Repo) and then enter the repository URL (which can be found at the top-right of your Bitbucket Server Project page).

How can I open GitKraken from the CLI?
How can I open the command line from GitKraken?

You can open the terminal from GitKraken by going to File Open Terminal or use the keyboard shortcuts opt + T (Mac) / alt + T (Windows + Linux). This will open your current repo folder in your preferred terminal app.

However, unlike other Git GUI clients, GitKraken is not a front-end GUI for your command line; no Git tools are required. It works directly with your repositories with no dependencies, which means a separate Git installation isn’t even required. Because of this, we currently do not offer direct integration between GitKraken and the CLI.

How can I use multiple GitHub / GitLab / Bitbucket accounts with GitKraken?

By default, GitKraken connects to one account of each remote service at a time. However, with GitKraken Pro‘s multiple profile support, you can easily switch between profiles that each have their own associated GitHub, GitLab, and BitBucket accounts.

Does GitKraken support Git LFS?

GitKraken does not currently support Git Large File Storage (LFS).

Does GitKraken have keyboard shortcuts?

Yes! You can type ⌘ | Ctrl + / while in the app to open a list of all available shortcuts.

What's the best merge tool to use in GitKraken?

As of v1.2, the answer is GITKRAKEN! You can compare merge conflicts side-by-side, and resolve the conflict without ever leaving the app. To learn more, watch this video, or view our v1.2 release notes.

In v1.5 the merge tool was expanded in GitKraken Pro to support output editing.

What does “soloing a branch” mean?

Even in GitKraken, complex repos can be confusing to view. Right-click a branch in the left panel and select Solo. This will isolate that branch in the graph view, and allow you to further solo/unsolo additional branches until you see only the ones you want.

How do I change the avatar associated with my commits?

Your commit avatar in GitKraken is linked to the Gravatar, which is linked to your .gitconfig email address. If you change your Gravatar, your avatar in GitKraken will update itself.

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