Release Notes

Version 1.8.1

Monday, October 24, 2016

Bugfix Release


  • There was some lag when typing in the commit message input field, but it now keeps up with the fracking pace, thank the Gods.
  • The graph no longer renders while a repo is being opened, which makes the process a bit faster and less distracting.
  • Pushes would sometimes fail with a Cannot read property ‘cancelled’ of undefined message. That was obstructive, unhelpfully ambiguous and a bit of a negative nelly kind of message. So depressing! So fixed!
  • If you tried to focus the left panel filter when the left panel was hidden, it would unleash a whole world of nope where you’d not be able to refocus it. It now behaves as expected, sorry.

Version 1.8.0

Monday, October 17, 2016

Folders are Really Branching Out!


  • GitKraken’s left panel has been even more improved with some big new features:
    • Branch folders: Branch structures are now represented in beautiful, intuitive folder systems. Rejoice! At a glance, you can now see your folders and subfolders as actual folders and–yes–subfolders. The logical, clear, hierarchical structure will bring a nice, orderly tear to your eye.
    • Button tooltips: Left panel buttons (such as the > for Git Flow or the + for add remote) now have cute little tooltips to confirm their function. Adorable!
    • Left panel filter: If you have a lot going on in your repo, finding relevant items can be complicated, resulting in copious scrolling, looking around, and frowning. GitKraken is designed to make you click and scroll less, not more, so we’ve worked hard on a new filter feature for the left panel. You can filter the entire panel, including:
      • Branches
      • Remotes
      • Pull requests
      • Tags
      • Stashes
      • Submodules
    • Use keyboard shortcut ⌘ | Ctrl + Shift + F, and start typing. At the risk of stating the obvious, hitting Esc will clear the filter.


  • When making a pull request from within GitKraken, selecting a branch would make the text color go dark. Like, same color as the background dark. Weird. Fixed.
  • Some .git/config URL entries would cause some repos to fail to open. We’ve fixed that issue, because if you had to choose one thing you’d want GitKraken to do, it would probably be “open a repo.”
  • When cloning a new repo and using GitKraken to create an initial commit, that repo’s remote would not show up in the UI, but it does now.
  • Under some circumstances (involving team names and repo names in Bitbucket), GitKraken would fail to create Bitbucket pull requests. Where it once failed, GitKraken now succeeds!
  • Let’s say you were able to make a Bitbucket pull request. Well, you were still not out of the woods, because some Bitbucket PRs would not show in the left panel even if they were successfully created. The left panel now shows them all.
  • Relative commit dates in the graph were off by 1. If “off by 1” sounds like an unwelcome state of affairs, that’s because it is. And, as such, it has been fixed.
  • For some users, the file history would serve up this bland message: searched until invalid date (). Whatever that means, it’s not a message you’ll see anymore, thank goodness.

Version 1.7.1

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Bugfix Release


  • We stopped the WIP text field from repopulating itself after a commit was made. That was pretty, pretty annoying, wasn’t it.
  • We stopped along the road for a bite to eat. The cowboy went off to have a spare tire patched, and Eddie and I sat down in a kind of homemade diner, connected to the wifi and started up GitKraken. It crashed. I thought nothing crashed on a Mac; you could hear my raspy cries clear across the plains, across the whole gray world of them that day. A GitKraken dev came booming into the diner, calling my name, and he had the sweetest bugfixes.

    “Rustled me up a terminal script to get rid of the .DS_Store file causing crashing issues on macOS.”

    And he gave me this script, to manually delete the .DS_Store file that prevented startup and prevented auto-updates because the app wouldn't start up to access those automatic updates.
    rm ~/.gitkraken/profiles/.DS_Store

    He threw himself on a stool and went hyaw hyaw hyaw hyaw.

    He told me that if I'd rather, I could manually download the latest macOS version of GitKraken here and replace my install, that would also fix the issue, and the cowboy came back and off we went to Grand Island.

Version 1.7.0

Monday, October 3, 2016

Re-architectured for Speed


  • Notice anything different about GitKraken? Heh, NBD, just that we went ahead and rebuilt the entire Left Panel from scratch! That’s right, as part of our ongoing refactoring we have migrated our architecture for the left panel (over to Redux, if you’re interested).

    Rebuilding this panel has allowed us to give you a special gift: The gift of time. That left panel is snappier than in previous versions, and for the skeptics among you, here are a couple of speed test results when expanding the left panel, FYI:
    • 200 branches:
      • v1.6.0: 269ms
      • v1.7.0: 206ms
    • 500 branches:
      • v1.6.0: 721ms
      • v1.7.0: 214ms
  • One of the major reasons for the speed boosts in the left panel is the refactoring of the scrolling module it uses. To do this, some of the GitKraken team built a custom module: meet Rickscroll! Rickscroll intelligently renders only what is visible at any time (say, in that left panel) and never more, making rendering much more efficient.

    The Rickscroll module is open source and is an actively developed and maintained scroller for React, for all your overflow needs. Check out the package at There’s also a little more info available here.
  • Given that this overhaul does so much under the hood, we would be inclined to say “it’s fast, now move on, nothing to see here.” But there is actually plenty to see, because while we were in there with our construction vehicles and hard hats, we also dusted off our pencils, pens and paintbrushes and made a bunch of UI and UX improvements. Here’s a breakdown of what’s different:
    • Section headers will now stick to the top of the left panel when scrolling.
    • The currently checked-out branch is now highlighted in green and has a checkmark icon, so it’s kind of hard to miss.
    • Labels no longer animate to reveal hide/show or solo icons—that keeps things simpler in that small space and makes it less likely you’ll inadvertently click the wrong thing.
    • WAIT, WHERE DID THE SOLO ICON GO? We removed the solo button from the label itself, but don’t panic, Yngwie Malmsteen, you can still solo. The “soloing” state is now initiated via the context menu. Once initiated, additional branches can be soloed by clicking the solo icon next to them.
    • The icon to hide branches and tags from the graph (that green eye) will still appear on hover, by the way.
    • Each type of item (branch, pull request, tag, stash) now has its own icon, so they’re easier to visually differentiate in large lists. Small lists too, but especially for large lists.
    • Buttons that open the sliding panels (for things like adding a remote or creating a PR) are now all aligned to the right of the row.
    • Drag and drop styling has been modified to be more clear and intuitive, with an icon appearing next to the currently-hovered drop target.
    • We went ahead and increased the overall level of sexiness in the left panel. The sexiness levels were pretty high originally, but we opted to make efforts to increase these levels to achieve optimal sexiness.


  • Mac only: Looks like the Undo/Redo/Cut commands were missing from the Edit menu. Fine, whatevs, you can have those back.
  • When creating a new Pull request, branch dropdown lists were not always populating. They now populate consistently.
  • Take a quick look at the following line of text:
    This may seem harmless enough, but having a line like this in your .gitignore file would cause GitKraken to re-open that repo, forever, thanks to a bizarre ‘more than one double asterisk in a single line of your .gitignore file’ bug. Shout out to Rob King for reporting that bug and freeing us of this purgatory! We fixed it!


  • We’ve changed the default Preferences Authentication Use local SSH agent checkbox state to be UNchecked on macOS and Windows. Before, that was checked by default, and caused confusion for some of you who were not actually using a local agent.

Version 1.6.1

Monday, September 19, 2016

Bugfix Release


  • Some users were getting errors trying to open all repositories. That was not a feature; it was a bug we’ve now squashed.
  • Remember all the way back in v1.5.2 when we fixed that issue with repeated logins? We’ve improved our fix for that, ensuring that you will super-never-be-asked-repeatedly to log in.
  • That’s all! Not too exciting, but we’re always trying to improve stability as we go. If you’d like to read more, in the spirit of generic bugfix release notes, here’s some filler:
    • We update the app regularly so we can make it better for you. Get the latest version for all of the available features and improvements. Thanks for using GitKraken!
    • Minor text fixes.

Version 1.6.0

Monday, September 12, 2016

Login with your GitHub Account!


  • Login with your GitHub account! This is a huge improvement for the activation process of GitKraken, meaning you no longer have to set up a separate account to use the app. Instead, it's just a two-step process to get yourself up and running using your GitHub account.

    OAuth I love you
    You and your quicker process
    To use GitKraken

  • New fuzzy command: In the fuzzy finder, you can now "open repo in explorer" to go directly to your repo in your OS file system.


  • We fixed some pretty gnarly file behavior. When you delete files and then create a branch, those files would just come right back and sit there smugly. In addition, renaming files and then creating a branch would not only keep the previously-named files, but add new files with the new names. Precisely what you didn't want. It's fixed, promise.
  • When browsing for SSH keys on a Mac, GitKraken now sees all, showing hidden files regardless of your Finder settings.
  • If you tried to add a new remote or clone a repo from GitHub/BitBucket, GitKraken would default to using SSH even if that wasn’t set up. We weren't trying to convince you one way or the other, and recognize that you are your own person, with your own ideas, feelings and preferences. We have fixed this issue to reflect that.


  • In-app support form Pro Feature
    • We added a "get support" form for Pro users to request support. You'll find it through the feedback button at the bottom of GitKraken, or through the application menu under Help.

Version 1.5.4

Monday, August 29, 2016

Faster, Cleaner, More Polished


  • Sometimes, a truncated branch label would be obscured by another branch label to its right. This was probably something to do with z-indexes or something. Either way, your branch labels will no longer live in the shadows when in a hover state.
  • Imagine you’re taking a tour of a historic castle or monument, and the moment you acknowledge your tour guide, he or she bolts to the door and runs off into the distance, never to be seen again. Weird, right? Well that’s basically what was happening with our new user tour. If you clicked on a tour bubble, the tour would end, just like that. This no longer happens.
  • Now imagine that you’re on that same tour, and the replacement tour guide recommends you take the lead and go through a door, but once you have gone through the door you find yourself outside, unable to get back in and resume your tour. Again, that’s basically what was happening in our tour. On the second step where the user is asked to click the preferences menu item, if the user clicks the tour bubble, the tour would break. Not any more!
  • In some cases, opening a repo with a graph less svelte than the current repo would fudge the rendering of the lines. We’ve fixed that.
  • Attempting to supply an SSH URL in an incorrect format would throw you a cryptic error that was heart-sinkingly useless to people who are not machines. We now have a more human-friendly message to help you correct the formatting and be on your way.
  • Sometimes, hidden branches would decide that being hidden was the best thing in the world, and never unhide. All hide/unhide behavior now functions as expected.
  • When cloning from the Bitbucket tab, the list of available repos will more closely match the repos on your home screen.
  • The account screen now opens in-app.
  • The esc key once again closes full-page views because it was annoying that it didn’t.
  • If GitKraken was asked to check out a hidden branch, it would have an existential crisis and throw an error, and this no longer happens.


  • Commit autoselection has been improved!
  • “Command Palette” keyboard shortcut has been included in the keyboard shortcut modal.
  • Windows and Linux users: you finally have a preferences keyboard shortcut! Hit Ctrl + , to open preferences.
  • Fetching a single remote now updates pull requests.
  • Cherry pick prompt now gives you the option to cancel.
  • Expanding/collapsing the ref panel is snappier. So smooth!
  • GitKraken’s ability to open the most massivest of repos has been improved. To prove it, we managed to open the Linux repo without breaking GitKraken, our computer, Linux, GitHub or the Internet.
  • Toolbar labels can now be switched on or off as preferred by the user.

Version 1.5.3

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Bugfix Release


  • Fixed an issue where, if a stash was applied that resulted in a merge conflict, the graph wouldn’t update.
  • Sometimes, popping a stash wouldn’t put work directory updates into the graph, and that would make it look like the stash had been deleted. Which was, frankly, terrifying. And unacceptable. We’ve fixed it.
  • Auto-selection of WIP node works where it was not working before.
  • Fixed a graph issue where creating a branch would make it look like the previously checked out branch is still checked out. Ooh, that naughty graph. Do behave.
  • In some cases, switching to a different repo while viewing a new merge conflict would cause GitKraken to get freaky and create its own bizarro reality. This was not destructive behavior, but we imagine it was really, really confusing and annoying to affected users. We’re sorry for the inconvenience and we have fixed the issue.

Version 1.5.2

Thursday, August 4, 2016

Bugfix Release


  • Commit Summary input field is no longer broken in Japanese input mode. ごめんなさい!
  • Speaking of the Commit Summary field: it no longer jiggles and jives like your drunk uncle at a wedding. We’re sorry that ever happened, but at least it never talked politics.
  • The tutorial would sometimes cut off during upgrade, but it doesn’t anymore.
  • We’ve addressed an issue where users might be prompted unnecessarily for login.
  • Linux now shows the correct package version.
  • Some users were finding that focusing the GitKraken window would take them on a long, tedious journey where the currently open repo would continually re-open, fail, and then try to re-open, ad infinitum. This should no longer happen.
  • Fixed an issue where dragging a branch on the graph would not show a hover image.
  • Fixed an issue where Bitbucket SSH key management could get stuck in a bad state.
  • Fixed at least some of the whitescreening that certain users were experiencing.
  • The uncommitted file lists now stack side-by-side in tall layout instead of vertically (this makes preparing a commit in tall layout much more convenient).

Version 1.5.1

Friday, July 29, 2016

Bugfix Release


  • Fixed a white screen issue that some Windows users were experiencing
  • For some OS X users, our update button got stagefright and would disappear. This update reveals a new, confident update button that always appears when it’s needed.

Version 1.5.0

Thursday, July 28, 2016

Introducing GitKraken Pro: Your Professional FancyKraken

This latest release brings a brand new paid version of the app, as well as some substantial improvements to the free version. Both versions will continue to be developed side-by-side, and as always, release notes will appear here with each update.

For more info on GitKraken Pro, please check out the Pro page. To learn more about the story behind monetizing the app, check out our blog post.


  • Tree view mode is now available for the staging panel, because sometimes you just need to see those file parents and their kiddies. You can also:
    • Toggle between the full file path view and the tree view
    • Sort folders and files alphabetically in ascending or descending order
    • Stage/unstage all files in a folder! This feature hopefully makes your staging management more convenient and much faster if you need to stage/unstage lots of files at once.
  • In-app merge tool updates:
    • Remember when GitKraken’s merge tool didn’t have syntax highlighting? That’s so version 1.4! As of this version, you.canEnjoy('a more sensical comparison of your code') with the new syntax.highLighting();
    • User interface refinements:
      • Removed a lot of unnecessary buttons that were just kind of hanging around and giving the neighborhood a bad name
      • Left and right panels now hide to allow more room to view your code in the merge tool.
  • Introducing GitKraken Pro!
    • GitKraken Pro is our new paid version, and it includes a couple of awesome new features (see below) as well as email-based support.
    • We’ve updated the GitKraken app to allow you to manage your GitKraken account and Pro subscription at any time, or you can visit
  • Profiles! Pro Feature
    • Add and quickly switch between multiple profiles: This is ideal if you often need to switch between different projects (such as work & personal projects). Profiles store settings like:
      • The name and email address you use when signing commits, as well as optionally update your global .gitconfig when switching projects
      • Authentication info (GitHub/Bitbucket credentials)
      • Repos
      • Color themes
      • Profile avatars
  • In-app merge tool editor Pro Feature
    • When handling a merge conflict, Pro users can edit the final output in-app before resolving.


  • The last repo in a list of less than 5 repos would style incorrectly. That’s an oddly specific visual bug that we’ve now fixed.
  • Staging and then unstaging the currently viewed file would start loading just fine. But here’s the kicker: it would never finish loading. Now it does.
  • After searching for and finding a commit, the diff for the commit would load forever. That’s too long, so we’ve reduced it to “a finite and reasonable amount of time.”
  • On the Set Upstream dialog, an incorrect default value would be populated in some cases.
  • The Linux update would sometimes display an available update as version [object Object]. Not technically a lie, but not the most informative output. We’ve fixed it to always show the version number.
  • .gitignore should be properly handled now and no longer ignore your ignore settings. It was meta like Being John Malkovich, only just annoying and inconvenient. Now it’s more like any Nicolas Cage movie: It’s exactly what you’d expect. It’s a Nicolas Cage movie. It’s fine. It does what it’s supposed to do. No surprises.


  • We’ve updated our end user license agreement for this release and added a privacy policy, just so you know.
  • Mac users: sorry if you enjoyed waiting for GitKraken to start up. It’s just that we went and made the app load time 200% faster! NBD.

Version 1.4.1

Thursday, June 2, 2016

Bugfix Release

GitKraken in Mac OS X has learned a valuable lesson, and we are sorry for its recent behavior.


  • “I will not open multiple windows when you focus my window”
  • “I will not open multiple windows when you focus my window”
  • “I will not open multiple windows when you focus my window”
  • “I will not open multiple windows when you focus my window”
  • “I will not open multiple windows when you focus my window”

Version 1.4.0

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

GitKraken: Houseclean Your Repo!

Okay, so maybe that’s not the most exciting slogan we’ve used, but this release packs some big new features, many of which aim to make your repos and their views tidier and more efficient. Consolidate commits, choose the merge options that are most helpful to your team, and stage only those hunks and chunks you love the most. Here’s the full breakdown of what’s new:


  • Squash commits: You can now select a bunch of adjacent commits (in the same branch only), right-click and select “squash” to consolidate them into one single commit.
  • Option to merge without fast-forwarding: Previously, GitKraken would fast-forward your merges where possible. But, since some people find the tree view that results from regular merging more useful than the view that results from fast-forwarding (even when fast-forwarding is available), GitKraken will now let you choose a regular merge instead of fast-forwarding. You may merge, humans.
  • Discard hunks/lines: Want less hunks on-stage? When previewing unstaged files, you now have the option to discard hunks from that commit. You can also get really detailed by selecting lines, right-clicking and discarding those lines specifically. Hunky.
  • New command palette: It’s a new, err, palette, dedicated to, umm, commands. It works like the fuzzy finder, but whereas the fuzzy finder is used to open/change anything relating to views and panels, the control palette is used to trigger actions that affect your repo:
    • Open the command palette with shortcut ⌘ | Ctrl + Shift + P
    • Type your command: Undo/Redo, Fetch All, Create Branch, Create/Apply/Pop Stash, Stage/Unstage/Discard All Files
    • Please note: We have moved the Checkout Branch command from the fuzzy finder to the command palette because it’s less findy and more commandy, and so it belongs there.
  • In-app license and .gitignore generation: When initializing a repo via GitHub or Bitbucket, you can now specify a license and a .gitignore template. These will be pushed to your repo upon initialization.


  • Multi-selected commits are now ordered by author date in the commit panel.
  • The option to “Add as a remote” enjoyed playing peekaboo in pull request context menus. In fact, it would play it so well that it wouldn’t even appear as an option. We’ve fixed that, sorry.
  • Submodules were not showing parent branches if that submodule was not in the root folder of the parent repository. That shouldn’t happen, and it no longer does.
  • The in-app merge no longer fails to load if neither version had any matching lines.
  • Some memory leak issues were persisting and we’ve been working hard to fix them. We know things like this can be a pain, and hope that these leaks spring no more.


  • Authentication pages for GitHub and Bitbucket have been overhauled and should be much improved. Here are some of the notable improvements:
    • Connection status to hosting services is clearly visible and easy to change.
    • You can set whether GitKraken uses your local agent or a specific SSH key.
    • SSH keys can be labeled when generated in GitKraken.
    • SSH keys set or generated for each service are now clearly displayed so they can be easily connected/disconnected from those services.
  • We reduced the sizes of our download files by 30-50%, saving you disk space and Making the World a Better Place.

Version 1.3.0

Monday, May 9, 2016


Just because we’re tempting you away from the shell, doesn’t mean we hate typing. We love keyboards! This release addresses some much-requested features and fixes, focusing on keyboard shortcuts that aim to speed up your interactions with GitKraken.


  • You can now select multiple commits to view the differences between those commits. It mostly works like you’d expect from a file manager:
    • Click: Selects a single commit (you’ve probably done this before).
    • ⌘ | Ctrl + click: Adds the clicked commit to currently-selected commits.
    • Shift + click: Adds all ancestor commits from the previous selection up to your current selection.
  • You can now change the zoom level in three ways:
    • Keyboard shortcuts (the quick way):
      • ⌘ | Ctrl + +: Zoom in
      • ⌘ | Ctrl + -: Zoom out
      • ⌘ | Ctrl + 0: Reset zoom
    • Fuzzy finder (the typey way)
    • Status bar (the clicky way): Click on the zoom level down there.
  • New keyboard shortcuts have been added! Hit ⌘ | Ctrl + / to view a list of all available keyboard shortcuts, including those for undo/redo, toggling the left panel, staging/unstaging all files, zooming, and arrow-key aliases. (Yes, it’s a shortcut to view shortcuts. And it gets even more existential when you see that this keyboard shortcut is itself featured in the list of keyboard shortcuts that you opened using this keyboard shortcut. Whoa.) Here are some other context-specific shortcuts:
    • If commit message or WIP input is focused:
      • ⌘ | Ctrl + enter: Create commit
      • ⌘ | Ctrl + shift + enter: Stage all files and create commit
    • If a staging panel file is open:
      • S: Stage file
      • U: Unstage file
  • We sent some of our keys to school to make them smarter. We’re so proud of them! Here’s what they learned:
    • Esc key now closes most things that are open like a good Esc key should.
    • Arrow keys: When a file is open, arrow keys will switch between files in the same commit instead of moving you to a different commit.
  • More options added to the fuzzy finder: Open, clone, or init a repo, open settings page, toggle left panel, change zoom level, and view keyboard shortcuts.
  • Right-clicking on a remote now gives you the option to open that remote in your web browser.


  • Loading huge files (about 5k+ lines) in the in-app merge panel is much faster.
  • Most prompts and form inputs will now auto-focus when opened.
  • Fixed error that occurred when trying to open a repo with merge conflicts that had soloed branches.
  • The Pull Requests list no longer fails to load if any pull request was from a repo the user does not have access to.
  • If there were no pull requests pending, the list would straight up lie and say it was “Loading...” forever. Now it tells the truth: there are 0 pull requests.
  • Bitbucket clone repo would sometimes not list every repo, but now, it does.
  • Fixed an issue where you couldn’t initialize a repo in Bitbucket if you did something zany, like use uppercase letters or spaces in the repo name.
  • Fixed not being to change the root drive in Init Repo.
  • Fixed all files becoming unstaged when right-clicking a staged file and choosing “Discard Changes.”
  • Opening the in-app merge tool now scrolls you to the first conflict automatically.
  • Sometimes the in-app merge tool would get stubborn and not let you scroll far enough to see the end of a long line. Now it will let you scroll right to the end.
  • Special note and shout out: A large number of bug fixes were made in addition to the above, thanks to the awesome bunch of people who worked on a significant update to NodeGit. Thank you!

Version 1.2.0

Monday, Apr 25, 2016

Merge tool IN APP!

We are often asked: what’s the best merge tool to use with GitKraken? The answer with v1.2 is… GITKRAKEN!


  • That’s right! Now you can compare merge conflicts side-by-side, and resolve the conflict without ever leaving GitKraken. This feature is a huge, HUGE step for the app and for its users, so here are the highlights:
    • The obvious: compare text files side-by-side.
      Click one version’s button (A only or B only) to select that version.
    • Compare the usual text files, image files, and select which versions of binary files to take.
    • Take elements of each file using a handy checkbox for each conflict in each file. You can take all changes in a file, or select specific hunks or lines from each file.
    • Next and previous buttons help you quickly find the next and, umm, previous conflicts in the file without having to scroll your life away.
    • Look, we’re not in the business of telling you what to do. If you’d rather use your own merge tool, you can click the Open in merge tool button and handle things there. GitKraken will leave a light on for you when you return.
    The merge tool feature gets at the heart of GitKraken’s principle to minimize unnecessary interactions and do away with dependencies. We put a lot of effort into it, and we hope you love it.
  • You can now create a new repo on your GitHub/Bitbucket account directly from within GitKraken. Yep, we’re pretty keen on keeping you in the app with this version.


  • When viewing file diffs, graph scrolling sometimes got weird. We’ve made it behave normally.
  • The graph would always scroll HEAD into view when the user was in a detached HEAD state. This sounds more gruesome than it was, but it was annoying and we’ve fixed it.

Version 1.1.0

Tuesday, Apr 12, 2016

Fuzzy finder, stash section and bug fixes

We’ve been quick to get this release out with a small but significant bunch of updates:


  • Fuzzy finder: A new and faster way to interact with GitKraken's most-used processes! Less clicking around to find stuff == more productive!
    ⌘ | Ctrl + P opens a new text field, in which you can begin typing a command followed by a name:
    • open + {repo name}: open a repo
    • checkout + {branch name}: checkout a branch
    • history + {filename}: view a file’s history
    And, because it’s fuzzy, you don’t need to be 100% accurate in your commands (you don’t even need to type the command but it helps narrow down the options). The Kraken will guess what you are trying to do and offer useful suggestions in a contextual dropdown (think Atom’s fuzzy finder rather than Microsoft’s Clippy).
  • Stashes are easier to manage now that they have their own section in the left panel. Quickly pop or delete them from one location.


  • Sometimes, the search box would get stuck “loading” or “populating.” We fixed that issue, and while we were in there, we sped up the search indexing.
  • Branch labels are now smarter at resizing, and the branch labels section of the graph takes up less space.
  • The graph would sometimes suddenly get weird during a merge conflict. Sorry about that! We’ve fixed it.

Version 1.0.0

Tuesday, Mar 29, 2016

Axosoft unleashes GitKraken V1.0!

This is it! The big ONE! We’ve worked hard on improving the reliability of the app, and we’re delighted to bring you Version 1 of GitKraken. Here are the highlights:


  • Occasionally, when resetting diffs in GitKraken (if you have a new file in your working directory), you’d receive an error message about updating diffs for a file that does not exist. This very message was an error, making the whole experience a meta nightmare that we have now resolved.
  • Blame view: if you renamed a file, the blame would show “unknown” under the previous name. We were to blame for this, and we have now branched the naming so that you can follow name histories and point the finger at your fellow devs once more.
  • 775b3d237e52df5b11e1f3f346b13fc7dbd80e39
    Oh, you can’t read SHA hashes? We’ve updated submodule conflicts to make sense to human beings with more conflict info.
  • If a drag-and-drop up-to-date merge fails, it no longer screams silently. You’ll get a message telling you so.
  • White screening: When you launch GitKraken, it should do something other than nothing. We’ve worked our tentacles to the bone(?) to ensure that white screens of death do not happen on as many platforms and in as many configurations as possible.

Known Issue

  • We are working hard to add proxy support to GitKraken, but currently, users that go through proxies will likely run into issues.

Version 0.9.2

Thursday, Mar 17, 2016

Begone ye devil white screen!


  • Got rid of the constant white-screening while opening a repo that some of you folks were experiencing.

Version 0.9.0

Wednesday, Mar 16, 2016

Fully submerse with submodules


  • We heard you and submodules are now supported! Say hello to the new section in the left panel to initialize an existing submodule or add one to track. Let the GitKraken Submodule-ception begin.


  • Welcome the resizable graph, a valuable addition on the interface side! Drag the vertical bar to obtain precisely how much of the graph you want to see. This also allows you to have a completely collapsed and minified graph at will!
  • New buttons for Mark Resolved, Mark Conflicted, and Open Merge Tool for improvements in the Merge Conflict panel to get you in the flow and resolving conflicts faster and more efficiently.
  • The Amend checkbox for commits looked bad at one point and should not look bad. We adjusted the style to give our seal of quality.
  • In File View, the styling of the preview when hovering over commit in condensed graph has been updated to be up to spec, including font and colors.


  • With the new resizable graph, now getting two honorable mentions here, when there are a large number of branches on the repository we have the ability to show an accurate graph, and you can always control how much you want to see.
  • Failing on Open Merge Tool? Not anymore it's not. We made some changes when the merge tool is not found and when there is no common ancestor of the commits.
  • The merge conflict panel will open accordingly when applying a stash which conflicts with changes.
  • We'll present a message when there are failures on remote actions.
  • The client will not crash when there are unicode characters in the file path name of the repository to be opened.
  • Fixed a small leak with fetching from prolonged use.

Version 0.8.3

Monday, Mar 7, 2016

White screen on repo open fix


  • Fixed an error that some people were seeing the app white screen after opening a repo.

Version 0.8.2

Monday, Mar 7, 2016

Bitbucket fix!


  • Fixed an error that would break fetching/pushing with Bitbucket.

Version 0.8.1

Friday, Mar 4, 2016

Search by Field, OAuth & More!


  • Level Up! SEARCH INDEX grew to Level 2!
    SEARCH INDEX has learned a new skill: Search by Field.
    Use one or combination of the following when searching:
  • sha: full hash of commit
  • message: commit message description
  • author: author of changes
  • email: email of author


  • OAuth will now properly flow through your external browser and communicate on authorization success or failure.
  • Also in Authentication, relevant configuration for SSH will only be shown when Use local SSH agent is disabled.
  • Make a best effort to set defaults on creating a new pull request if unable to authenticate when fetching the origin.
  • The order of colors has been updated in the graph for a more optimized contrast resulting in a prime exhibition of the work you've done. The colors of the rainbow so pretty in the sky~~


  • Successfully loading merge tools to resolve merge conflicts. Common locations on Mac for merge tool defaults will be located accordingly.
  • Perform a revert on a merge commit rather than producing an error.
  • We won't allow spaces when naming a branch.
  • Present a nice error message and refresh the graph if there is a merge conflict when finishing a branch through gitflow.

Version 0.8.0

Friday, Feb 26, 2016

File History Class, Blame Game, and Pull Requests!


  • File History is now available through the context menu of a file in the diff panel. This will bring up an evolved Diff View showing the timeline of commits. Use keyboard shortcuts to navigate or click the short commit SHA to quickly jump and show diffs.
    • + on Mac / ctrl+home on Windows/Linux to switch to the first commit entry
    • + on Mac / ctrl+end on Windows/Linux to switch to the last commit entry
  • Blame revisions in the new File View tab also present in the history section to see how and when the file changed, and by whom. Select a commit entry by author to display changes at that point in time and toggle Show blame details to see more or less annotation for the change.
  • Looking to get your contributions reviewed and merged in asap without leaving GK? There's no more wait as Pull Requests are now accessible in the left panel on repositories. Fetch from the open list and quickly create PRs for GitHub or Bitbucket!


  • Ridin’ spinners! For Remotes in the left panel, there is now a spinning icon for indicating when there is an active fetch in progress. They'll stop when the operation completes.
  • In Add Remote the Select list has evolved to allow pulling the list or typing to find a desired repository from both GitHub and Bitbucket.
  • Add Remote is also case insensitive now, disallowing adding remotes of the same name but different casing.
  • Updated ability cross-platform to locate merge tools in Preferences.
  • Accurate messaging for when Bitbucket authentication fails or has expired.


  • Many crash issues eradicated. So many. The elusive fatal error in white screen of death when opening a repo has been addressed.
  • If you happened to commit in the future like us or had a different method of birthing a child commit before its parent, it was possible for a commit appearing unusually orphaned in a merge on the graph. This is not a problem anymore as we've adjusted the sort for it to display correctly.
  • Updated references for the possibility of removing a remote during an active fetch, preventing a repo from being reopened.
  • Autofetch interval will work for remotes when switching from one repo to another.
  • We'll gracefully recover on the chance a commit search index becomes corrupt and loads forever. Seek and ye shall find.

Version 0.7.2

Thursday, Feb 25, 2016

Bug fixes!


  • No more crashing when viewing a very small diff in Linux.
  • Fixed an error when opening up certain repos with submodules.
  • Fetching will now result in more fetching and less crashing.

Version 0.7.0

Tuesday, Feb 16, 2016

More functionality. More stability.


  • Right-click a ref label in the graph to change the upstream through Set upstream
  • Push a local branch directly to remote via drag-and-drop even when the target remote is not the set upstream.
  • As an alternative to the left panel, in the graph quickly checkout through double-click on a ref label.
  • Questioning previous commitments? Now you can right-click on a commit entry in the graph to revert commit and reverse unwanted changes—you know, for those times you want to take back the engagement ring.


  • Windows builds were updated and now run smoothly on both 32- and 64-bit Windows.
  • Looking for more information about us and the current GitKraken version you're running? We thought you were and that's why the GitKraken About menu received a brand new update to contain more detail.


  • The improved file view mode for the diff panel has horizontal scrolling again! Scroll right 80 characters and beyond, no matter how much real estate the display has. You'll see line numbers too!
  • Bitbucket team-owned repositories are now accessible through the service.
  • Validating credentials to improve error messaging and also prompting for login only when necessary.
  • There's no more file lock issue in specific cases and saving modified files while running GK at the same time is allowed, and encouraged!

Version 0.6.2

Monday, Feb 1, 2016

More Bugfixes!


  • Fixed search index loading.
  • Fixed app getting into an unresolveable merge state.

Version 0.6.1

Friday, Jan 29, 2016



  • Disconnecting from GitHub now removes any SSH keys added via the application.
  • Searching through Bitbucket repositories now shows all of them, instead of just 10.

Version 0.6.0

Wednesday, Jan 27, 2016

Open Beta and Bitbuckets of Love

No more waiting for invites! The time has come and now everyone can be a part of the beta for testing. The steps are simple:

Step 1: Download
Step 2: GitKraken!


  • Bitbucket is now supported in GK for direct interaction with your public and private repositories! Bitbucket can be configured for Services in your Preferences and utilized when cloning repos and adding remotes.
  • The existing GitHub integration in Services now conveniently generates SSH key pairs and adds the public key to GitHub. Or, optionally, an existing key can be added to your user profile.
  • A new file view mode has been introduced for the diff panel. This automatically triggers the tiny graph for commits and loads file changes in an expanded panel for a pleasant viewing experience and comparison. This includes revamped styling for staging which has optimal contrast for the light or dark side.
  • One more time: closed beta testing is complete! Instantly get started with GitKraken following download and install during the new open beta!


  • Please login to continue: We'll only ask if we need to and we'll check your configured authentication first. As a result, using connections to several hosting providers such as GitLab are now available! We've also included other SSH fixes with this for services.
  • Searching in Open Repo will correctly show repositories with . periods in the name.
  • Gitflow and its settings will continue to hang out in the left panel following the slight chance master and develop branches have been deleted.
  • \n newlines will correctly display in the diff panel for a change.
  • No more crashing on aborting a merge or rebase, Discard all changes, or stash, when working with a bajillion files.
  • Further improved performance with staging along with focusing commits with a enormous number of files in the changes.

Version 0.5.1

Friday, Jan 15, 2016

More flow with Gitflow


  • For Gitflow, we'll remember your preferences for start, delete, and rebase on branches. An alert will appear when a merge fails as well.
  • The left panel will now display a count and visual identifier for a section when the panel is open.
  • Clear out your search input using the ESC shortcut.


  • Rebasing… Rebasing… Initiating a rebase when there's an active stash should no longer hang due to file changes.
  • We've clarified some labels on Gitflow along with a few quick additional fixes.
  • Any prompt overlay (like with Gitflow!) will automatically close when the left panel is expanded from minified view.
  • Search no longer overlaps in narrow windows!
  • *nix users: We'll notify you when inotify limit is hit which can cause the client to crash.
  • Lastly, no more…
    line breaks. We'll handle unicode characters and newlines appropriately in a diff.

Version 0.5.0

Thursday, Jan 14, 2016

Let the Gitflow through you


  • Setup Gitflow in preferences. Initialize a workflow per repository then, in the left panel, quickly initiate and work on Feature, Release, and Hotfix branches.
  • Fully expanding the right diff panel will now show a new linear, single-column view of commits in something that has been referred to here as a “tiny” graph. Try hovering over the graph to quickly see commit messages while having maximum room for changes!
  • Why fetch from all remotes all of the time? You can now fetch to update refs for individual remotes through the context menu of Remotes in the left panel.
  • *nix users: we'll now let you know when there's an update available!
  • Nothing else new… just kidding! We've made tons of improvements. We'll also notify you of big new features in the app after updating and where to find them!


  • Selecting Generate for a new key pair in SSH Config on certain platforms will now work as expected and not abruptly crash the app. We don't want any buttons with the crash feature.
  • Speaking of SSH, on *nix you should now be able to push/pull without getting an error saying things are unsupported. It's supported!
  • We'll now tell you an error for Rebase Failed when there's a known conflict on rebasing.
  • Stashing should now display your work in progress stashed after performing the action.
  • We're once again fully retina resolution compatible when soloing… The show/hide eye button transparency or lack-there-of was addressed.
  • Scroll of command! Automatic scrolling to a graph location now works flawlessly when selecting a ref based on where there is existing focus.
  • Longer commit message summaries now won't be slashed at a predefined limit per line. Now your primary message up to 80 characters can go on and on, kind of similar to this line and everyone can see in the grid! Awesome!
  • Also for feature/ridiculously-long-branch-names, the context option on the left panel will now be spaced and not overlapped visually!

Version 0.4.1

Thursday, Dec 17, 2015

0.4.1 So quick!

We've introduced all of this list to git you an improved experience on the Kraken!


  • Ellipsis interface features! …right on! It should now be more obvious to access the context menu when working with branches in the left panel. It's now more clear and so easy to quickly hover and left-click to initiate whichever command you need…
  • Your HEAD, the current branch, should now be more recognizable in the left panel as well.


  • Hiding remotes in the left panel now toggles auto-fetch off, and back on when showing remotes. This is may be impactful to improving your performance if you have a large number of remotes.
  • Diffs will only be updated when you're looking at them! Better checks are in place for when working with the diff panel. We'll only make updates if there are new changes and we'll recognize when they're being viewed.


  • Fixed support in OAuth / GitHub for ssh:// protocol format in URLs.
  • We also improved verifying your SSH creds and provide a meaningful error message if unsuccessful.
  • We're once again retina resolution compatible when soloing… The show/hide branch button will remain visible and not overlapped and faded when in Han Solo mode.
  • Discard this, not that! We won't discard all changes anymore when discarding a change on a partially staged file.
  • Feedback styling on our dark theme has been updated for readability. Thanks again, a lot for submissions so far. Keep it coming!

Version 0.4.0

Tuesday, Dec 8, 2015

0.4.0 Stabilizer placed!


  • Image diffing, so hot right now… You can now compare two image files through an overlay as it appears from a special hunk. Images display in staging, commits, and conflict panels.


  • Fetch after adding a remote automatically adds associated branches.
  • You may have been looking for it like we were—the master branch is now discoverable after adding a remote fork.
  • Set your upstream branches after creating a local branch! We'll now prompt for your push/pull remote URL and publish.
  • Gone is the issue on Linux with push/pull due to SSL.
  • Updated index for commits from which you should see some big performance improvements on search. This has potential to substantially free up some beloved %CPU we've been borrowing, reducing the jet fan noise coming out of your machine as if it was ready to fly.

We also fixed an issue with perf for our activation process. Thanks to all that are now finally in and have been testing! You should now be able to add your friends without any roadblocks from the invite count.

Version 0.3.2

Wednesday, Nov 25, 2015

0.3.2 Set to stabilize!

Usability & Functionality

  • It's no longer a problem to switch a remote URL between SSH and HTTPS!
  • Fixed an issue with not being able to resolve conflicts in-app in specific situations like uniquely modifying a file of a change which was deleted on a branch of the attempted merge.
  • Rebase all the things! You'll no longer see empty rebase information.
  • Edit remote is now from the bottom of context menu on right-click. It's a usability thing.
  • Progress bars from the last release have improved not only in size, but color as well.
  • Error messages when present for an appropriate amount of time disappear into the void…

Version x.x.x

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