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Because PR & code review should be more 🎉 & less 🤬 multi-repo setups shouldn’t make you feel 🤢 too much context switching makes you feel 😤 merge conflicts can turn into a real 💩 show fear of Git mistakes has you all like 🫣 and 😱 lousy DevEx will make your top devs run for the🚪 lack of visibility kills progress and eats up ⏳

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I’ve never found a better experience than using GitKraken. It gets lots of love all the time. 🙌🏼 with one account, you get access to both GitKraken and GitLens.

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100K+ dev teams choose GitKraken to supercharge productivity & collaboration

Enabling Developers to Quickly Visualize Complex Data, Code, and Progress


Visualizing complex data sets is a major time saver – and it’s often a real life saver.

Our Commit Graph enables you to visualize complex Git history across your entire team in seconds

Available in GitKraken Desktop, GitKraken CLI or GitLens  → 

Being able to visualize what you’re doing (and what will happen) provides context, safety, and peace of mind. 

Use Visual File History to see the entire history of any file, including: when changes were made, how large they were, and who made them

Available in  GitLens → 


GitKraken lives to make the complex simple – saving developers hours per day with world-beating capabilities like our intuitive merge tools and interactive rebase. 

Our powerful merge tool enables you to easily visualize changes, so you can untangle and resolve conflicts faster

Available in GitKraken Desktop →

And GitKraken’s legendary tools aren’t just for devs. We cater to teams of all sizes – and help team leads and managers focus on what’s most important.

 Git Facts

1,000,000,000+ Commits Visualized (yeah, that’s a billion with a ‘B’) with the GitKraken Commit Graph

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Helping Developers Focus to Save Time, Minimize Distractions, & Avoid Interruptions


Distractions and interruptions reduce developer productivity, not to mention their quality of code and quality of life.

Turn down the noise with our Launchpad, helping you find & extend your flow state

Available in GitKraken Desktop, GitKraken CLI or GitLens  → 

GitKraken tools enable developers to find their flow by helping track all open items without being bombarded by noise. So you can avoid interruptions, distractions, and rework.

See the entire history of any line of code with a quick hover, offering you context without distraction

Available in GitLens → 

What you measure matters. Until you can easily see what helps or hinders your team’s pace, you can’t improve it. 

Enabling everyone on a team (including managers & leads) to focus on what’s most important for their project with GitKraken Insights

Available in GitKraken Desktop and GitKraken CLI

 Git Facts

4 out of 5 developers say that time lost to distraction & interruptions are among their biggest work-related pain points

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Helping Distributed Dev Teams Collaborate Like They’re All In The Same Room


Share dozens (or hundreds or thousands) of repos, with as many team members as you want, in just a few clicks.

Share all the repos that matter to your team to keep everyone on the same page 

Available in GitKraken Desktop, GitKraken CLI or GitLens  → 

Among the many benefits of Workspaces is that you can onboard new devs to your team in minutes, not months.

Workspaces help you scale by enabling multi-repo Git actions and easy onboarding of new team members

Available in GitKraken Desktop and GitKraken CLI

Staying aligned is tough when you’re trying to move fast – even more difficult when your team is spread across zip codes, time zones & continents.

Our Workspaces Team View becomes mission control  for distributed dev teams 


Development is increasingly a team effort. And more than ever before, those teammates aren’t sitting right next to you.  

Avoid costly collisions – especially with distributed teams – that can be the difference between success and failure

Available in GitKraken Desktop →

 Git Facts

92% of developers say they spend their days (and nights) working as part of a team

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Enabling Devs to Stay Connected – To Their Tech Stack and Their Workflow


Powerful integrations to GitHub, GitLab, Bitbucket, Azure, Jira & more – so we fit right in with your existing workflow & stack.

Connect seamlessly with the Git hosting providers, planning tools and other systems you use daily

Continuity across our entire suite of dev tools, so when you do something in the Client, your IDE or CLI update in real time. That’s a magical developer experience!

Changes you make in one of our tools – show up in all our tools, in real time

Available in GitKraken Desktop, GitKraken CLI and GitLens →

Experience how easy it can be to manage tasks and keep your context intact. A smoother, more efficient workflow is not just an aspiration, it's your new reality.

Seeing issues where you’re actually doing work saves time and minimizes annoying context switching

Available in GitKraken Desktop and GitKraken CLI

 Git Facts

ONLY 50% of developers feel confident they have the tools and context they need to work effectively on their company’s code.

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