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The easiest way to work with Git and GitHub repositories

GitKraken Client provides advanced integration with GitHub to help you access repositories, keep track of changes, manage GitHub Issues, create pull requests, add pull request comments and more.

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Time-travel through your GitHub commits

Browse commits, comments, and references related to your pull request in a timeline-style interface. Making it easy to track down when a bug was introduced and revert back to a previous version with just a few clicks.

See work in progress

Never lose track of what you’re working on. Review your code and staged files and choose what parts code you want to commit.
Github issues

Keep track of issues

Check on your GitHub, Jira or Trello issues straight from your repositories, and even create branches from issues from the app.

Manage Pull Requests

Get your code reviewed with ease by starting and managing GitHub pull requests from the client.

A hub for your repos

Boost your visibility by grouping your repos together to view branch status, authors and more.

Solve merge conflicts

Safely resolve merge conflicts with a side-by-side comparison and editable output.

Enhanced commands

Spend less time looking up Git commands with autocomplete suggestions.
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Seamlessly switch between world-class dev tools on the desktop and in the IDE

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GitKraken Insights for Pull Requests

Course correct by measuring how fast GitHub pull requests get started and merged into all repos by you and your team in a Workspace.

Try GitKraken Client with GitHub for free

GitKraken Client is always free to use with local and public cloud-hosted repos. It includes a 7-day trial to work with private repos and access to premium features. There’s no risk in giving it a try!

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! You may view GitHub pull requests from GitKraken Client left panel, and even comment, approve, or merge a pull request from the PR view.
Yes, GitKraken Client provides the ability to create, delete and edit GitHub Actions workflows from the main interface’s left panel.
Yes! When creating a new pull request, you’ll have the option to “Submit as draft.”
Yes, reverting a commit in GitKraken Client is easy. Right click on any commit in the Commit Graph to access the “Revert commit” action.

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Visual Studio Code is required to install GitLens.

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