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Visualize powerful Git insights like code authorship and git blame in Visual Studio Code

GitLens is the #1 Git extension for Visual Studio Code, with more than 71 million installs. It is relied upon by developers, DevOps professionals and enterprise teams around the world, to help them better understand and work with code. GitLens unlocks the untapped knowledge within each repository to help visualize code authorship via Git blame and CodeLens, seamlessly navigate and explore Git repositories, gain valuable insights via powerful comparison commands, and much more.

Git Repository Host Integrations

GitLens provides rich integrations with many remote providers, including GitHub, GitHub Enterprise, GitLab, Gitea, Bitbucket, Bitbucket Server and Azure DevOps. You can also define custom remote providers. 

Auto-Linked Issues and Pull Requests

All Git repository host integrations provide issue and pull request auto-linking, while advanced integrations (e.g. GitHub) provide more detailed hover information, plus the ability to associate pull requests with branches/commits, and avatars. Additionally, these integrations provide commands to copy the URL or open files, commits, branches and the repository on the remote provider.

GitHub extension for Visual Studio Code
Git Blame

Effortless Revision Navigation

Quickly navigate backwards and forwards through the history of a file to compare changes over time. The unobtrusive and customizable Git blame annotation at the end of the line will show you the author, date and commit message. Access even more detailed blame information by hovering.

Git Authorship CodeLens

See the most recent commit and number of authors at the top of files and on code blocks. Click the CodeLens to show a commit file details quick pick menu with commands for comparing, navigating and exploring commits, and more. Check out the status bar blame to see similar information.

Git authorship code lens
Heatmap annotation

On-Demand File Annotations

See customizable file annotations in the editor gutter, including: blame, changes, and a heatmap that indicates how recently lines were changed relative to all other changes in the file.

Side Bar Views

GitLens adds many side bar views like Commits view, File History, Branches, Remotes, Stashes, Tags, Contributors, and the Search & Compare view, to provide additional rich functionality. The default layout of these views can be quickly customized to show all the views together on the Source Control side bar or on the GitLens side bar.

GitLens Views
Git command palette

Git Command Palette

This powerful tool provides guided, step-by-step access to many common Git commands, as well as quick access to commits (history and search), stashes, and status (current branch and working tree).

Interactive Rebase Editor

A user-friendly editor to easily configure an interactive rebase session. Simply drag & drop to reorder commits and select which ones you want to edit, squash, or drop.

Interactive Rebase

GitLens for VS Code

Visualize powerful Git insights