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GitLens for VS Code

Enhanced Git for Your IDE

Developers around the world rely on GitLens for its integration with VS Code, enriching your IDE with Git visualizations such as inline blame annotations, the Commit Graph, and the innovative Launchpad.

The commit graph in GitLens is the best git GUI by far.

GitLens can literally make anyone feel like a git expert

GitLens adds so many features that it feels like it was shipped with VSCode!

Navigate Git, Minimize Mistakes

GitLens for VS Code simplifies Git complexity into a clear, visual timeline of your project’s history, helping you track changes and visualize the impact of each commit with ease.
GitLens turns a complex Git commands into a clear, navigable map of your project’s history.

Search & Visualize repositories in rich color, from your IDE

Navigating a repository can be daunting. The Commit Graph acts as a rich search tool to simplify typical Git hurdles. Providing a clear, colorful display of commit histories, authorship, and timelines, helping you manage version control.

Effortlessly map your repository's history, activity and ongoing work.

Unpack the "Why" behind every line

Inline Blame Annotations display crucial information at the line level. See who made changes, when, and why, without ever leaving your current file. This clarity fosters better decision-making and minimizes errors.
Visualize code evolution and trace authorship directly within lines and code blocks.

Unblock PR & Code Reviews

Transform your code review process into a proactive, multiplayer experience. Cut through the clutter of delayed feedback, missing context, and dependency blocks to improve team collaboration and code quality.
Transform your code review process into a proactive, multiplayer experience.

Your one stop shop for PRs and Issues

Launchpad significantly reduces the cognitive load of managing multiple tasks. It organizes PRs and issues by status allowing you to identify and address bottlenecks, while viewing priority status tasks.

Streamline your workflow with an integrated view of in-progress tasks, pending reviews, and Issues.

Iterate on feedback well before the PR

Cloud Patches make your work accessible anytime, anywhere, ensuring that you and your team can maintain momentum across different locations and time zones. Preventing roadblocks, all before the PR.
Easily distribute your work-in-progress, commits, or stashes with Cloud Patches.

Manage Multiple Repos

Working with multiple repositories doesn’t have to be a pain. With GitLens, you can group your repos together and see the status of their branches, issues, and pull requests in one consolidated view.
GitLens lets you see all your issues, WIPs, and pull requests in one place.

Prioritize work on branches across repos without overload

Worktrees cut down context-switching by allowing you to check out and work on multiple branches simultaneously. Letting you to manage development smoothly, without the constant need to switch from one branch to another.
Effortlessly manage multiple branches at once with worktrees.

Maintain a tidy and structured workflow

Workspaces enhance your workflow, simplify the onboarding process, and provide a clear overview across all your projects, eliminating the inefficiency of managing numerous tabs and windows.
Group and access your repositories in one place for a streamlined workflow, available wherever you go.

Code with Momentum

GitLens is fully integrated within VS Code, allowing you to access extensive Git insights and information without leaving your development environment .
Access extensive Git information without leaving your development environment.

Intuitive and distraction-free development experience

Easily access the most relevant Git details when you need them . With Visual File History, quickly understand the evolution of a file—identify the most significant changes, their scale, and the contributors—all from within VS Code.
Easily pinpoint the most significant changes in your file's history.

Stay in "the zone" with minimal disruption

Quickly gain insights with automatic linking of issues and pull requests across Git hosting platforms including GitHub, GitLab, and Bitbucket, among others. View Jira issues directly from within GitLens with the Jira integration.
GitHub & GitLab offer detailed hover information for autolinks, PRs, Commits, and more.

Get started for free

Use GitLens for Free

With over 30 million installs, GitLens is the most popular Git extension for Visual Studio Code. It gives you valuable insights into code authorship and unlocks the full power of Git in VS Code. It includes a 7-day Pro trial to work with private repos and access to premium features. There’s no risk in giving it a try!