GitKraken Client


Millions of developers and teams around the world choose GitKraken Client to make Git work for them. It makes Git more visual and accessible with an intuitive UI, the flexibility to switch between a GUI or a terminal, and a seamless experience across operating systems.

The full power of Git at your fingertips


We know development is hard. Juggling multiple tasks and constant context switching – and on top of that, working with Git – can be a real pain. That’s why we built GitKraken Client. Everything is designed to help streamline your development workflow and reduce distractions, so you can focus on getting the most important work done.


Take action on your most important work across all your repos.

Command Palette

Find what you need quickly without leaving
your keyboard.

Integrated Terminal

Access a Git-enhanced terminal without
switching context.

Autocomplete Suggestions

Spend less time looking up Git commands.

Customizable Views

Tune the UI to your preference and workflow.


Quickly switch between multiple configurations of integrations and settings.
Focus View


Take the guesswork out of Git. With GitKraken Client’s collaboration tools, you can see who’s making changes and get visibility into your team’s progress – helping you stay nimble and avoid disruptions as you work on code together.

Repo Team View

See your team’s work and identify potential conflicts.


Collaborate and share with teams in your organization.

Easy Onboarding

One-click provisioning of select repos with
shared Workspaces.

Workspace Team View

Accelerate development by seeing PRs and Issues for all repos.

Deep Linking

Share links to repos, branches, and commits with
your team.

Patch Support

Easily generate and apply patches for
faster collaboration.
Team Sync
Commit Graph


Not being able to visualize the changes you’re making in Git can be a stress-inducing experience. Let GitKraken Client take the anxiety out of your commits by illuminating the impact of every Git operation so you can make safer, more informed choices.

Commit Graph

Clearly understand repository commit history at a glance.

Interactive Rebase Editor

Confidently organize and execute complex rebases, visually.

Merge Tool

Safely navigate merge conflicts with a side-by-side comparison and editable output.

Flexible Diff View

View, stage, and edit files inline, by hunk, or in a split view.

Git-Enhanced Terminal

Work in terminal-only mode with access to powerful visual tools when you need them.

GitKraken Insights

Improve velocity by measuring how quickly pull requests are merged.
Code Contributions
Commit Graph


It’s easy to connect GitKraken Client with your existing Git hosting and issue tracking tools – and we bring all of them together in one place so you can cut out the context switching. GitKraken Client also makes it easy for you and your team to connect with the processes, data, and code that can enable a seamless development experience from start to finish.

Git Hosting Integrations

Work faster with hosting services you’re already using.

Pull Request Integrations

Easily start and manage pull requests without switching context.

Issue Tracker Integrations

Quickly start work on issues and track their progress.

External Editor Integrations

Seamlessly open repos & files in your favorite editors.

Single Sign On

Simplify account & license management for your teams.

Git Integration for Jira connection

Open Jira to specific commits from GitKraken Client.

GitKraken Client

Use GitKraken Client for Free

GitKraken Client is always free to use with local and public cloud-hosted repos. It includes a 7-day trial to work with private repos and access to premium features. There’s no risk in giving it a try!