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An Intuitive Experience

"Being an enthusiast for intuitive and seamless UIs, I was immediately drawn to this tool. When you start diving deeper, you realize the remarkable user experience that the developers at Axosoft have created."

Michael C.
Sensa Technologies

Built-In Code Editor

GitKraken Built In Code Editor

Easily initialize a brand new project and use the built-in code editor to start working on that project. Add new files and folders, and edit them directly in GitKraken. Save your files, stage and commit your changes. No more context switching!

Seamless Integrations

The best Git client should integrate with your Git hosting service. That’s why GitKraken connects to popular services like GitHub, Bitbucket and GitLab to make working with your remote repositories easier.




A Faster, more Fluid Workflow

"When we're modifying, staging, and committing, not needing to use Terminal commands is very valuable for me and my time. Being able to focus on what matters most is why I use GitKraken."

Justin W.

Total Control & Functionality

Pro Features

All core Git Client features plus...

  • Pro Merge Tool Editor Icon

    In-app merge conflict output editor

  • Pro Multiple Profiles Icon

    Multiple profiles for work & personal use

  • Pro Github Enterprise Icon

    GitLab Self-Hosted, GitHub Ent., & VSTS Integrations

  • Pro Email Support Icon

    Guaranteed email

"I'm usually trying to go for freeware solutions, but GitKraken helped me to improve my workflow by a lot so I got the Pro version."

Ondrej B.
Twitter Review

Start a free 7-day trial from within the app, after you download.

Enterprise Features*

Full control over GitKraken in your environment

  • Enterprise use behind firewall icon

    For use behind a firewall

  • Enterprise install on your servers icon

    Installed on your servers

  • Enterprise local account management icon

    Manage accounts locally

  • Enterprise full IT control icon

    Full IT control over releases

  • LDAP icon

    AD/LDAP User Integration

*GitKraken Enterprise requires a Linux server running a local version of GitKraken's Server functions.

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