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Unlock the power of ‘gk’ commands from your preferred terminal. Master multi-repo workflows; keep track of PRs and issues across platforms like GitHub, GitLab, and Bitbucket; and integrate effortlessly with GitKraken Desktop + GitLens in VS Code to instantly visualize your Git data.
winget install gitkraken.cli
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@GitKraken CLI is so incredibly helpful, even for a way-back Git user.
Even if you’re a CLI user, the GitKraken CLI gives you a richer experience with autocomplete and many other features.
#GitKraken rocks! Loving the CLI.

Bring PRs, WIPs, and Issues to the terminal

Traditional code collaboration often hinges on pull requests, which can delay critical feedback for developers. The GitKraken CLI speeds up this process, providing the essential context needed for faster and more effective code reviews.
GitKraken CLI speeds up this process, providing the essential context needed for faster and more effective code reviews.

gk launchpad

Bring essential information right into your terminal. Easily access and manage PRs, issues, and work-in-progress across multiple repositories with simple commands.
See which PRs are unassigned, ready to merge, and more.

gk pr list

Want to track relevant pull requests? Get a list of all open pull requests within a Workspace, and use advanced filtering options by title, author, or date to find exactly what you need.
View a list of all pull requests across all repos in a Workspace.

gk issue list

Avoid opening a new browser tab. Generate a list of issues associated with the repositories in a Workspace.
Get a list of all issues tied to repos in your Workspace.

Run Multi-Repo Commands

Stay updated on your project changes directly from your preferred terminal. Execute any of these commands to efficiently update your repositories in batch.
Execute any of these commands to efficiently update your repositories in batch.

gk ws pull, gk ws fetch

Catch up on updates to your projects. Quickly refresh all repositories within a Workspace using a single fetch or pull command.
Perform a batch fetch or pull on target repos in a Workspace.

gk ws clone

Effortlessly clone all repositories within a Workspace. Choose a complete clone or select specific repositories to meet your needs.
Perform a batch clone on target repos in a Workspace.

Manage Groups of Repos

Managing multiple repositories can be straightforward and efficient. GitKraken CLI allows you to group your repos together, providing a single view of branch statuses, issues, and pull requests, all in one organized space.
Group your repos together and see the status of their branches, issues, and pull requests all in one place.

gk workspace info​

Organize your repositories to instantly see which branches are checked out, the remote status, and any ongoing work for each repo.
Group repos together into a Workspace from the terminal.

gk workspace add-repo

Need to add a new repo? This simple command will do the trick. 
Add a repo to an existing Workspace.

Suggest Code Revisions

Pull requests might feel overly formal for quick code suggestions. Now, you can easily propose code revisions right from the terminal in a more informal manner.

gk pr suggest

Enhance pull requests beyond the limitations of GitHub’s comment-only style. From your terminal, use this command to create impactful Code Suggestions directly from your current work-in-progress. 

Suggest code changes to a PR from the terminal.

gk status

Get a snapshot of your project’s current state with this command. It displays key information about your repository, including open pull requests and any work-in-progress.

Display key information about your repository

gk patch create

Looking for fast feedback on a new feature or fix? Easily share your commits or work-in-progress with other developers by generating a Cloud Patch.
Create a Cloud Patch from the terminal.

gk patch apply

Whether you’re ready to apply a change you may have stashed away for later, or you just received a patch from a teammate, use this command to apply it to your repository.
Apply any Cloud Patch to a repo’s working directory.

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Collaborate across repositories, unite on PRs & Issues from various platforms, 
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winget install gitkraken.cli
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