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How IntelliTect is Mastering Multi-Repo Management


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Discover how Kevin and his team at IntelliTect are tackling common development challenges using GitKraken Workspaces. Dive into how they efficiently manage multiple repos, prioritize essential PRs and issues, expedite developer onboarding, and integrate effortlessly with issue tracking tools like Jira. Uncover strategies and insights that can boost your team’s workflow.

Why Watch This Customer Story?

  • Straightforward Solutions: See how Workspaces can simplify managing multiple repositories and make onboarding team members a breeze.
  • Integration Made Easy: Learn how Workspaces seamlessly sync with project management tools, like GitHub, Jira, and Azure, for smoother collaboration.
  • Learn from the Pros: Join Justin Roberts and Kevin Bost as they demo practical uses of Workspaces, addressing common challenges developers face.

About The Speakers

Justin Roberts

Sr. Director of Product

Justin has led the design and development of GitKraken Desktop since its inception. His education in architecture is a constant influence while designing and building technical, user-centered tools for the last decade.

Kevin Bost

Sr. Software Architect

Kevin is a senior software architect with IntelliTect, Microsoft MVP, and GitKraken Ambasador. He enjoys teaching others to write quality code through speaking, live streaming on YouTube and Twitch, and maintaining open-source projects.

Lansweeper Cut Pull Request Review Time by 50% with Workspaces

Using GitKraken takes a lot less time to review the pull requests. Instead of always checking your email, you can just open the tool and see what you have to do. It saves a significant amount of time.

Leila B. |  Developer @ Lansweeper  | Read Full Case Study

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