Plans for Individuals and Teams

A free Git GUI for non-commercial use and discounted pricing for teams.



For open source, education, non‑profit, startups* or personal use

  • Resolve merge conflicts in-app
  • Work with submodules and Gitflow
  • GitHub, GitLab & Bitbucket integration
  • Open pull requests in-app
  • Plus many more features

GitKraken Pro

per user

For commercial use

  • All GitKraken features, plus…
  • Edit your merge conflict output in-app
  • Multiple profiles for work & personal
  • GitHub Enterprise Integration
  • Email-based support

GitKraken Pro Team Subscriptions

10 users
additional users
$30 /yr
100 users
additional users
$20 /yr
1000 users
additional users
$10 /yr

Why GitKraken Pro?

GitKraken Features Free Pro
Resolve merge conflicts in-app Free-Keif Pro-Keif
Work with submodules & GitFlow
Integration with GitHub, Bitbucket & GitLab
Open pull requests in-app
No dependency on Git-CLI
One-click undo & redo
Fully responsive design
Drag and drop merge, rebase, reset & push
Resizable commit graph
File history & blame
Git hooks support
Image diff viewing in-app
Fuzzy finder & command palette
Easily clone & add remotes
Keyboard shortcuts
Light & dark themes
Edit your merge conflicts with in-app editor
Multiple profiles for work & personal
GitHub Enterprise integration
Email-based support
Commercial use

Pricing FAQ

* Under what circumstances can I use the free Git GUI?

If you’re using GitKraken for personal, open source, non-profit, education, or as a software startup with less than 20 employees and younger than one year, we understand the difference that a free tool can make, and we welcome you to use our free Git client.

Can I try GitKraken in a commercial environment before I decide to upgrade to Pro?

Yes, we encourage you to download GitKraken for free, and start a trial of GitKraken Pro from within the app. This gives you and your team 14 days to make sure our Git client is a good fit before you upgrade to GitKraken Pro.

How can I justify spending $60 per year on GitKraken Pro?

Your time is valuable, and GitKraken users report an average savings of more than 15 minutes per day just by using GitKraken. That’s 60 extra hours per year! GitKraken generally pays for itself in less than a week of use! And if you’re working on a team, the price per user can drop to as low as $10 per year.

Have another question that’s not answered here? Contact our sales team and ask away.