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In the market for a shiny new desktop wallpaper? Ready to strut into the office with a clever Kraken on your shirt? You've come to the right place for GitKraken swag, downloads and logos! Every purchase helps fund our #ItWasNeverADress scholarship. So, peruse the virtual aisles, find your spirit Kraken, and make a purchase to support a good cause!


We're a software company; so, our branded apparel and accessories are sold through Zazzle, a retailer that actually specializes in that kind of stuff. These are some of our favorite pieces, and you can find more on Zazzle!

GitKraken Gitty Up Tshirt - Men's
Gitty Up Shirt

What's better than a mighty kraken riding a unicorn with laser eyes? Nothing. That's why we created this special edition GitKraken t-shirt. What are you waiting for? Gitty Up!
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We Can Do Git! Tank
We Can Do Git Tank

With a nod to Rosie the Riveter, get ready to flaunt your appendages and flex those Git muscles in this super sporty tank.
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GitKraken Arcade Tshirt - Men's
Arcade Shirt

When you're reppin' this Galaga-inspired shirt, it's game on! Pew, pew, pew!
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GitKraken Women's V-Neck - Dark Theme T-Shirt
Classic GitKraken V-Neck

Unleash your repo in this dark-themed, women's, v-neck t-shirt with the classic GitKraken logo.
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GitKraken JetPack T-shirt
Jetpack Shirt

3-2-1 blast off! Feel like you're going super fast in our jetpack kraken shirt. Weeeeeeeee!
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GitKraken Classic Trucker Hat
Rainbow Trucker Hat

Give a subtle nod to the rainbow colors of the GitKraken graph, by sportin' this incredibly hipster trucker hat.
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Must Have Dev Stuff

Your workspace just got a major upgrade! Nothing looks better on a laptop than a sticker that proudly boasts a mighty Kraken riding a unicorn with laser beams coming out of its eyes. Obviously. More fancy mugs and stickers available on Zazzle!

GitKraken Stickers
Classic Sticker

What's better than one GitKraken sticker? A sheet of six GitKraken stickers to share with your developer comrades.
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GitKraken Coffee Mug
Classic Coffee Mug

Wake up and code! Wrap your tentacles around this mug, and fill it with the beverage of your choice. We're not telling you how to live your life, but coffee is always a solid choice...
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Gitty Up Sticker
Gitty Up Sticker

What's better than a kraken on a unicorn with laser eyes? Nothing. That's why we put it on a sticker for you. GITTY UP!
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GitKraken Pro Mug
GitKraken Pro Mug

Only fill this mug with some serious gourmet sh...stuff. You owe that to the mug and yourself!
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GitKraken flask
Rainbow Graph Flask

You don't have to journey somewhere over the rainbow to find this discreet beverage vessel. This flask will be the envy of all your friends when they see that it's adorned with a gorgeous pattern reminiscent of the rainbow graph in GitKraken. Sip, sip, gulp, gulp!
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GitKraken Cell Phone Case
Deep, Dark Cell Phone Case

Descend into the mysterious depths of the ocean to the GitKraken lair. Wrap your device in loving tentacles, and the Kraken will keep it safe from harm!
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GitKraken Kraken Coffee Meter
Free Download

Remind your coworkers to drink caffeine responsibly with this fun print out!
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Desktop Wallpapers

Your coworkers already gawk as they walk by your desk and see GitKraken on your screen. Why not hit 'em with a 1-2 punch by downloading one of these shiny wallpapers for your other monitor?!

Limited Edition!

GitKraken Westworld Maze Desktop
Portrait | Landscape


If you're reppin' GitKraken, do it right! All of these logo variations are inline with our branding guidelines and ready for you to use wherever you want to promote GitKraken. Thanks for your support!