CI/CD for Jira


Give development stakeholders more DevOps visibility with build and deployment data in Jira.

Connect your CI/CD DevOps Pipelines to Jira Cloud

CI/CD for Jira enables your team to view and utilize build and deployment data directly in Jira. Easily identify when a Jira issue is included in a build and deployed to your various environments. And, it’s free for all Git Integration for Jira customers using Jira Cloud.

Know When Bug Fixes and Features Have Been Deployed

Give your entire team visibility into your DevOps pipelines right from Jira to cut down on ad-hoc status updates. View deployment data over time to see issues move from test, to staging, to production environments. Filter by issue type, assignee, environment, and more.

Major Git Services Supported

CI/CD for Jira supports build and deployment data from GitLab CI/CD (cloud and self-hosted), GitHub Actions (cloud and self-hosted), Azure DevOps Pipelines (cloud and self-hosted), and Bitbucket Pipelines (cloud).

Automate Jira with Builds and Deployments

Keep your team in sync and Jira issues updated by using automated workflows. Utilize DevOps triggers like build status changed, build successful, or a deployment to production to send alerts or update issue statuses.

Advanced Search With JQL

Use JQL queries that filter on build or deployment state and environment to uncover potential delays or items that need action.

View CI/CD info at a Glance

Get a rollup of all commits by file and developer, plus change statistics, in the Jira issue panel. View individual commits, builds, and deployments with convenient links out to your pipelines to see additional information.

Add CI/CD for Jira on the Atlassian Marketplace

CI/CD for Jira adds even more DevOps visibility to Git Integration for Jira. Keep your teams in-sync and accountable with commits, branches, pull requests, tags, builds, and deployments all visible in Jira.