Admin & Security Controls

Secure, Compliant, Controlled

GitKraken’s Advanced Data Management Tools

Compliance matters. GitKraken offers extra controls for data management and security.

Enhanced Collaboration & Control: Self-hosted Cloud Patch Storage

GitKraken’s Cloud Patches boost code-sharing efficiency among developers, combining simplicity with control. For organizations seeking greater data sovereignty, we enable account admins to opt for self-hosted storage of Cloud Patches. This ensures your data remains under your organization’s control, securely managed within your own infrastructure for peace of mind.

Available for GitKraken Enterprise plan. See pricing.

Self Hosted Cloud Patch Storage setting example

Consolidated Security Controls for your Org

Ensure the safe use of our AI tools across your organization with straightforward controls. Enable or disable AI features to customize AI usage to meet your organization’s security guidelines.

Available for GitKraken Teams and Enterprise plan. See pricing.

AI settings example

Why GitKraken?

Compliance and Control: We understand the importance of compliance and provide the tools you need to achieve it, without compromising on functionality.

  • Secure Sign-In: Reduce risk with GitKraken’s Single Sign On (SSO) integration as a simplified means for users to authenticate.
  • Customizable Security: Our platform offers flexible security options such as On-Premise solutions to fit the unique needs of your organization.
  • Dedicated Support: Our Customer Success team is always on hand to assist with your specific security requirements, ensuring your team can work with peace of mind.

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Secure your code, empower your developers, and maintain control over your organization's data management and security with GitKraken. Discover a new standard of security tailored to the needs of modern development teams.