GitKraken Workspaces

Collaborative coding.
Redefined for a distributed world.

Save time, avoid interruptions, and eliminate rework so your team can go further, faster.

Try Workspaces for free in any of these tools included in the GitKraken suite

Repository grouping made easy

From scattered to simplified. GitKraken Workspaces simplifies the task of managing many repositories. With the ability to group your repositories, you gain immediate visibility into the currently checked-out branch, remote status, and any work you have in progress for each repo. As your projects evolve, so can your Workspaces. It’s about keeping everything organized, your way, all within a single click’s reach.

Multi-repo Git actions & easy onboarding

From one-by-one to all-at-once. GitKraken Workspaces simplifies how you handle Git tasks like pull, fetch, and clone across multiple repositories, saving you time. When onboarding new team members, sharing your Workspace lets new developers get all the repos they need with a single click. That means they can start coding quickly and your team can keep moving forward.

Continuity across our entire suite of dev tools

From isolated actions to instant synchronization. Experience the unparalleled integration of GitKraken Workspaces: modify in the Client and watch your IDE or CLI reflect changes in real-time. With GitLens, effortlessly manage multiple repositories, both local and cloud-based. On the CLI front, powerful commands like gk ws create and gk ws [action] simplify multi-repo tasks and onboarding. No matter where you operate, GitKraken ensures a seamless developer journey across all tools.

Integration with external services

From multiple platforms to a unified hub. Switching between different hosting platforms for various repositories is cumbersome. GitKraken Workspaces integrates with services like GitHub, GitLab, Bitbucket, and Azure DevOps, allowing you to work with your preferred platforms while managing all your repositories in one place. It’s about moving from fragmentation to unity.

Empower your team with GitKraken Workspaces

Boost productivity and collaboration like never before. GitKraken Workspaces brings order to the chaos of managing multiple repositories, streamlining your workflow, and facilitating team synchronization. Don’t just code – code smart with the power of GitKraken Workspaces.

Try Workspaces for free in any of these tools included in the GitKraken suite

Monorepo vs multi-repo: a guide to optimal workflows with GitKraken Workspaces

Navigate the monorepo vs. multi-repo debate and optimize your development workflow with our insightful eBook. Dive deep into dependency management, code sharing, and more, while discovering how GitKraken Workspaces brings the best of both worlds to your fingertips. It’s your map to a more efficient coding process. 

Lansweeper cuts pull request review time by over 50% with the help of GitKraken Workspaces

Faced with tedious manual version control, Lansweeper turned to GitKraken Workspaces. The result? A reduction in PR review time by over 50%, improved team collaboration, and comprehensive project visibility. Discover how they transformed their development process.