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1 user limit


Pro / Teams


10+ users: $47/user/yr

100+ users: $45/user/yr

Offline/Firewalled Environments

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Free Individual Pro
Free Individual Pro
Core GitKraken features
Includes Glo Boards integration integration integration
Work with public repos
Work with private repos
In-app merge conflict output editor
GitHub Enterprise integration
GitLab Self-Hosted integration
Bitbucket Server integration
Azure DevOps (VSTS) integration
User & license management
Multiple profiles for work & personal use
Email support
Special requirements or environment? Contact Sales
Glo Boards
Core Glo features
2-way realtime GitHub Issue sync
Public Boards
Custom board images
Organizations & Teams
Webhooks 1 per board 10 per board 10 per board
All Timelines Features
Max Number of Timelines 3 10 Unlimited

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I'm usually trying to go for freeware solutions, but @GitKraken helped me to improve my workflow by a lot so I got the Pro version #Git #GUI

— Ondrej Bures (@ondrejbures)
Google logo

@GitKraken loving it - I first bought GKPro as Sourcetree had no linux client, but now I'm using it on Win & Mac too, it's just too lovely 😎

— DJ (@dangrenfell)
Adobe logo

Just bought @GitKraken licenses for the team. I love the visualization and it makes it easier to do some of the more complex git operations

— Ben Chartrand (@bcnzer)
Microsoft logo

Been using @GitKraken solidly for a couple of weeks now so I bought a Pro licence. The speed improvement over @sourcetree made the decision.

— Jason Stangroome (@jstangroome)
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Right, I just went @GitKraken Pro. It's that good and I think it deserves support #Git #GUI

— William Hallatt (@thewillhallatt)
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I’ve been loving @GitKraken, profile switching is handy for work/private repos

— Geoffrey Donaldson (@geoffreyd)

Finally convinced work to switch us over to @gitkraken and order some license for our team. 10/10 super excited, would gitkraken again

— Dustin Hershman (@SirDugs)
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Have you paid for the pro version? The conflict resolution tool sold it for me. So much easier than any I’ve used in the past :D

— Oliver Foggin (@oliverfoggin)
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First week trying out @GitKraken, and I'm loving it! Definitely thinking about purchasing this to use for more than just OSS.

— Alex Sasha Regan (@AlexSashaRegan)
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That feeling when you're happy to get a credit card charge because it means you get to keep using one of the best tools ever @GitKraken

— Tom Randolph (@rockerest)

I'm kraken now! Used @GitKraken Pro trial & within days it had saved me from having to Google my way to fix a mistake via git command line!

— Greg Cobb (@Gregcobb)