Cloud Patches

Share early. Merge swiftly.

With Cloud Patches, engage in early collaboration and meaningful discussions long before the pull request. Speed up merges and keep your repos simple, fuss-free, and organized.

Try Cloud Patches for free in any of these tools included in the GitKraken suite

Dev collaboration - shifted left

No more time lost waiting around for pull requests. With Cloud Patches, as soon as you have a WIP change, you’re ready to collaborate. Create a patch, add a description, and share securely with a link. Review, iterate, apply — all before the PR. Faster feedback, cleaner pull requests.

No boundaries, just better PRs

Gone are the days of last-minute feedback and delayed collaboration. With Cloud Patches, share and discuss suggested changes directly within GitKraken tools – whether related to files in a PR or beyond. Collaborate with freedom, all without the worry of committing to the repo or disrupting CI.

Turning code challenges into team triumphs

Code conflicts steal your time and stall your progress. But not with Cloud Patches. Share those tricky segments with a peer, let them provide their perspective and solution, then reintegrate with ease. It’s collaboration made seamless, even for the toughest code challenges.

Continuity across your dev tools

Team collaboration thrives with Cloud Patches, no matter the tool—GitKraken Client, GitLens, or our CLI. Embrace continuity and streamline the sharing of patches across all developer tool surfaces. Reduce context switching, and stay aligned in your preferred development flow. (coming soon)

We're just getting started

Cloud Patches is only the beginning. We’re aiming to change how developers work together, shifting team collaboration left – way earlier than the usual pull request stage. Soon, you’ll be able to comment directly on a Cloud Patch, and that’s just one of many new capabilities we’re adding. We’re building a better way to code together, and we’re excited for you to be part of this journey.

Making collaboration simpler, earlier, better.

With Cloud Patches, you don’t have to wait for pull requests to collaborate. Share work-in-progress changes, get feedback quickly, and enjoy smoother PR reviews. All within the tools you already love. And guess what? We’ve got more up our sleeve. Ready to give it a go?

Try Cloud Patches for free in any of these tools included in the GitKraken suite