Git Integration for Jira


Git Integration for Jira brings repository data like commits, branches, tags, and pull requests into Jira. We bridge the gap between DevOps and project management tools to keep team members informed and efficient.

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Staying focused on the task at hand can be hard when you also have to keep everyone informed of progress.
Git Integration for Jira cuts down on the manual steps needed to keep Jira up to date and stakeholders informed. Developers can focus on coding and product managers won’t need ad-hoc status updates. Stay in your flow and reduce context switching by performing Git functions from Jira and vice versa.

Create Branch / Pull Request

Save time by creating linked branches and PRs directly from a Jira issue.

Smart Commits

Reduce administrative work by updating Jira issues from commit messages.

Web Linking

Use contextual links to navigate to your Git web interface from associated Jira issues.

Deep Linking

Easily open commits in GitKraken Client and GitLens.

Code Diff

Perform lightweight code reviews by viewing code diffs without leaving Jira.
Issue View
Create Branch


Wouldn’t life be great if Product and Dev teams could work together in perfect harmony? Enter Git Integration for Jira. Make better decisions and execute plans quickly and accurately by giving all development stakeholders the same DevOps information. By marrying Jira issues with their associated source code, everyone can be on the same page. Meetings become quicker and more productive, and the partnership between Product and Development teams improves.

Issue Development Tab

Keep track of progress by viewing branches, commits, pull requests, and tags in Jira Issues.

Workflow Automation

Keep Jira up to date and your team informed by automatically performing Jira actions based on Git activity.

JQL DevOps Search

Easily search and find Jira issues based on Git activity.

Builds and Deployments

See when an issue is included in a build or deployment with the free CI/CD for Jira Cloud extension.

DevOps Triggers


It’s unsettling when you feel like you’re in the dark. You’ll be able to put your mind at ease when you can see DevOps data in-context to understand a Jira Issue’s true status. View detailed commit and summary data to quickly understand who contributed to an issue, how much work they performed, and what was changed – without leaving Jira.

Repository Browser

Ensure all required work in a release is completed by comparing branches or tags to see a list of files changed, associated issues, and code diffs.

Git Commits Tab

See full commit info including author, message, IDs, and code diff.

Git Rollup Tab

Easily track progress with a summary view of commits including code and author statistics.
Repository Browser
View Commits


This is at the very core of what we do: we connect Git with Jira, no matter where and how your Git repositories are hosted. Why use Git Integration for Jira rather than connecting through repo hosting apps? We offer greater flexibility to use multiple services and full control of how the application authenticates and which repositories are available. Settings and preferences are easily managed and enforced across users.

Repository Hosting Integrations

Integrate with cloud or self-hosted GitHub, GitLab, Azure and other major providers.

Authentication Options

Utilize OAuth, PATs, or Webhooks to manage
your integration.

Enforce Git Server Permissions

Ensure only authorized users can see repo data in Jira.

Webhook Indexing

Use webhooks to keep Git and Jira data synced
in real time.

Manage Integrations and Repositories

Enable Admins with full control of how the
app behaves.
Manage Integrations
Connect Repositories

Try Git Integration for Jira

Connects Git + Jira data when and where it’s needed so developers & project managers can stay in the tools they love to use without context switching.