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Git Integration for Jira

Better Control & Insights for Any Environment

Thousands of organizations around the world use Git Integration for Jira because it offers product and engineering managers better visibility, developers context-saving shortcuts, and DevOps more control.

Git Integration for Jira gives us the ‘needle in the haystack’ finder that we’ve always needed.

Git Integration for Jira helps our PMs retrieve data 94% faster than they could before.

Incredible - simply put! Installed and start using it after few minutes, zero sweat.

Uncover the true status of an issue

Jira issue status is an unreliable indicator of issue progress. Git Integration for Jira overlays development activity in issues and across projects to give planners rich insights into where work stands.
GitLens turns a complex Git commands into a clear, navigable map of your project’s history.

Dive into development activity

See branches, commits, pull requests, tags, deployments, and more from within the context of an Issue. Go even deeper to see which files were changed, view code diffs, and get a rollup of activity on the issue.
Full commit messages, authorship, files, and more are available on the Jira issue view

Spot issues missing updates

Nobody likes opening multiple browser tabs to dive into the details of every issue. The timeline view lets you quickly scan across epics, sprints, and projects to see when and how issues were updated.
Timeline view combines Jira and Git activity with a heatmap of days an issue was updated

Understand and address project risks

Keeping projects on track requires constant attention and the ability to find and triage issues that aren’t getting the required attention. Git Integration for Jira gives you the tools to spot trends and address them before they become a larger issue.
Transform your code review process into a proactive, multiplayer experience.

Identify off-track sprints

The Backlog view is your home for monitoring sprint progress. View audits to see when issues are added or removed from a sprint, scan daily activity, and get alerted if a sprint is off track.
Backlog view shows sprints and their issues on the activity timeline so you can quickly scan progress

Compare branches and tags in Jira

Use the Repository Browser to compare branches or tags and see a diff of issues (or commits). Perfect for verifying work is completed as expected and then building release notes. Plus you can easily spot commits without a Jira issue key and then manually associate them to the appropriate issue(s).
View issue or commit details after you compare branches or tags in the repository browser

Get in and out of Jira

It’s no secret that developers want to avoid using Jira. Git Integration for Jira includes multiple quality of life improvements to get devs quickly out of Jira and back to coding.
GitLens lets you see all your issues, WIPs, and pull requests in one place.

Kick off dev workflows

Create branches and PRs right from the issue view, with personal settings to set your default repo and branch. Need to do a quick code review? View code diffs in-context within an issue.
Create branches and PRs within the Jira issue view

Get back to your preferred tools

Deep links to GitKraken Desktop, GitLens (VS Code), and Git web interfaces everywhere development information is shown in Jira gets you back to work without losing context.
Launch dev tools from anywhere Git development info is shown in the Jira interface.

Improve meeting efficiency

Meetings are often productivity killers. Git Integration for Jira gives development stakeholders access to data that enables them to reduce requests for ad-hoc status updates or unnecessary meetings. And when meetings are necessary, stakeholders come informed and ready to discuss the tasks at hand.
Access extensive Git information without leaving your development environment.

Run meetings with rich data

A picture is worth a thousand words. Guide meetings (stand ups, retrospectives, etc.) with visuals that show what was worked on, what’s at risk, and what could be improved in the future.
Team view organizes Jira issues by assignee and plots Jira + Git activity on the timeline

Automate issue updates

Use DevOps automation trigger rules or smart commits to enable developers to keep the broader team informed without manually updating issues. Update issue status, comments, time logged, and more just by performing your normal dev workflow.
Automation rules can be triggered off commits, branches, PRs, builds, and deployments.

Integrate Your Way

Every organization has different requirements and environments, but most integration apps don’t account for those nuances. Git Integration for Jira offers unmatched flexibility and control of how your repositories integrate with Jira. This minimizes connection interruptions and ensures the app serves your teams. Plus it works with any Git hosting provider – cloud or self managed.
Access extensive Git information without leaving your development environment.

Take charge with app settings

All app settings are managed within Jira. You can enable/disable features, associate repositories to specific Jira projects, and set default branch naming templates (to enforce naming conventions). You can even give other Jira users the ability to manage the app to lighten the load for Jira Admins.
General settings page provides a full range of settings and preferences for the app and integrations.

Get visibility into integration status

Integrate with repos using OAuth, PATs, or Webhooks. Data-rich management screens let admins know what’s connected, their status, and allows for troubleshooting connection issues.
View connection status, logs, features and more for any integration you have set up.

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