Git Integration for Jira

Bring Git data into Jira to improve transparency and accountability for all development stakeholders

Git Integration for Jira brings repository data like commits, branches, tags, and pull requests into Jira. We bridge the gap between DevOps and project management tools to keep team members informed and efficient.

  • Project managers can see who is working on what and when (and avoid status meetings and ad-hoc updates) directly from Jira issues.
  • Developers can update Jira issues and keep stakeholders informed, automatically, without interrupting their flow and context switching.

Features Development Teams Love

Commits, Branches, Pull Requests in Jira

View Git commits in Jira to see details like the commit author, date and time, and files changed – you can even view the source code diff from the issue. See when a pull request is made and subsequently merged. View and create branches and pull requests directly from Jira.

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Integrate With Any Repo

Add one, ten or thousands of repositories with a single integration. All major Git hosting providers are supported, with multiple authentication and connection options like OAuth, PATs, and webhooks.

Security and Trust

Over 10,000 organizations have put their trust in Git Integration for Jira. We utilize an independent third party auditor to verify our data security policies and procedures every year (SOC 2 Type II). We also maintain an active bug bounty program through BugCrowd and are an Atlassian Marketplace Platinum partner. Jira Admins are given full control of the integration and permissions.

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Update Jira from Your Repos

Developers can automatically perform multiple actions on Jira Issues from a single Git commit using Jira Smart Commits. Enter the issue key and the desired action such as time tracking or closing an issue. Or use the GitKraken Client to seamlessly switch between Jira and your repos without losing context. 

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CI/CD for Jira

View build and deployment information from your CI/CD pipelines with Git Integration for Jira’s free CI/CD for Jira extension. Unlock additional triggers for Jira automation and search parameters for JQL queries.

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Gain organization-wide transparency into source code (regardless of technical level), save time with powerful automation, and enable your developers and project managers to stay in the tools they love.

Why Jira Users Love Git Integration for Jira

Less Administrative Work

Use Smart Commits and Jira automation to keep Jira updated so you don’t need to change your workflows – and spend way less time in Jira.

Less ‘What's the Status of XYZ’

Development stakeholders know when you create a branch, make a commit, and then a pull request. Give them the visibility they want, without adding more work for you.

Less Context Switching

Stay in your flow, and focus on coding. If you have to go into Jira, deeplinks to GitKraken Client and your repo hosting providers make it easy to transition. 

More Visibility

Development activity doesn’t need to be a black hole in Jira. Easily understand what’s happening in your Git repos with contextual data presented alongside Jira issues and projects.

Better Jira Cleanliness

Reduce the need for developers to manually update Jira issues. Leverage Jira automation and Smart Commits to transition issue status, assignees, and more without manual intervention.

Better Planning and Warning Systems

Issue closed without a commit and merge? Easily flag issues that should have activity but don’t. 

More Connections

GitHub, GitLab, Azure, Bitbucket, something else? If it’s Git, we connect to it and you determine how the data flows. Jira Cloud, Server, and Data Center are all supported.

More Secure

We were an original Atlassian Marketplace launch partner in 2012, and continue to make investments in security with SOC2 compliance, bug bounty programs, and internal controls.

More Control and Flexibility

Git Integration for Jira provides a full set of app, repository, and permission settings to ensure it works how your team operates. 

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