GitKraken Ambassador Program

Who are GitKraken Ambassadors?

Professional and student developers who use Git for version control.

GitKraken Git GUI,
Boards, & Timelines superfans!

Individuals who are passionate about learning, creating and sharing technical content.

Developers who host meetups, speak at events, and engage with their communities.

If this sounds like you, then you’re already well on your way to becoming a GitKraken Ambassador. Now it’s time to elevate your knowledge and status as a software engineer by joining GitKraken’s community of industry professionals and students. This program will help you increase your software development knowledge, build your professional skills, and provide value to your local tech community. Get support for your events, improve your content, and increase your reach. Plus, there will be plenty of legendary swag along the way!

What’s in it for us, you ask? Our goal is to educate developers around the world about the power of using Git with GitKraken. We don’t know your local tech community like you do though; so, we want to work together to teach devs how to be more productive using our tools. One way we’ll measure success is through the GitKraken referral system. But like any good software project, we’ll need to collaborate, share feedback, and iterate along the way. We hope you’ll join us on our journey to reach millions more developers!

 How do Ambassadors contribute?

  • Promote current GitKraken initiatives.
  • Host a meetup/event/hackathon/conference that incorporates GitKraken.
  • Teach a workshop/class or give a presentation that incorporates Git and/or GitKraken at an event.
  • Translate one of the videos in our Learning Git with GitKraken series into another language.
  • Translate GitKraken learning materials, like our Cheat Sheet, into another language.
  • Write an article about GitKraken. Talk about how you use it, why you love it, what problems it helps you solve, etc.
  • Send an email about GitKraken to your company, organization, event group, etc.
  • Write a review about GitKraken on Slant, G2 Crowd, Quora, Product Hunt, etc.
  • Produce a video about GitKraken. Show how you use it, talk about why you love it, why it’s better than using the CLI, etc.
  • Answer questions and interact with users in the GitKraken Slack Community.
  • Encourage other people who love GitKraken to become ambassadors.
  • Post about GitKraken on social media.

What are the requirements?

Display the GitKraken logo proudly on your website and other online profiles.

Adhere to Gitkraken’s
brand guidelines and
code of conduct.

Use your referral link to encourage free GitKraken account creations.

Stay in touch with us to
let us know what you’re working on!

What do I get?

Besides bragging rights and being the envy of all your developer friends and colleagues...

You can earn legendary swag as you get
free GitKraken account signups through your referral link!


Free GitKraken Pro Account ($49 value)

Ambassador Starter Kit: Stickers, Swag & Resources

Private Ambassador
Slack Channel

Ludicrous Event Kits: Stickers, Swag & Cash

Exclusive Ambassador Content

Access to GitKraken
Product Team