The Art of GitKraken

This gallery is dedicated to the artwork we feature on our home page. Each piece represents our passion for visual design, alongside the creative passions of each individual artist. We hope this gallery demonstrates that for us, technical mastery of software development doesn’t come at the expense of creative spirit and excellence.

Are you interested in producing artwork for our index page? We have an ongoing call for submissions which gives anyone with a similar passion an opportunity to show off their work.

Featured Artwork:

Current Version
Release 3.0 artwork by Codepen Artist

This animation was from an existing Codepen. Enjoy watching these tiny 'squids' making art with their colorful ink!

GitKraken Release Artwork

Current Version
Release 2.5 artwork by Kyle Smith

When poking around the art of Zach Lieberman, I stumbled upon this paper. It describes a technique to use a shortest path algorithm to create sketch-like squiggly art from images. The final images that they produced looked a lot like the doodles in my high school notebook, so I was pumped when I saw it. I reproduced their results and added an svg animation library to give it more style. Now it looks like it’s being drawn into the page by several people at once.