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GitKraken Client

Loved by millions of developers globally, GitKraken Client pairs an intuitive GUI with seamless integrations. Work effortlessly on Windows, Mac, and Linux. Boosted by cloud collaboration, streamline your team’s process and elevate your workflow.

GitKraken CLI

The ultimate command line interface for Git collaboration. Tap into ‘gk’ for streamlined multi-repo management, sync with GitHub, GitLab, Bitbucket PRs & Issues, and connect instantly with GitKraken Client & GitLens in VS Code.

GitLens for VS Code

With over 25 million installs, GitLens is the most popular Git extension for Visual Studio Code. With GitLens Pro you can utilize advanced features like Focus View and Visual File History, manage multiple repos with ease, and bolster security with enterprise-ready integrations. Upgrade your Git game and turbocharge productivity in one seamless experience. 

GitKraken Browser Extension

Elevate your browser’s Git game. Directly link GitHub and GitLab to GitKraken Client and GitLens in VS Code. Navigate pull requests, branches, and commits with ease. Enhance Git decisions and streamline your workflow, all within your browser.

GitLens for IntelliJ

The best of GitLens, soon in IntelliJ. Everything you know and love about GitLens in VS Code is soon coming to IntelliJ. And with added collaboration tools, your team’s workflow is set for an unmatched upgrade. Await the GitLens revolution in IntelliJ.

Coming soon will be the central web-based hub for developers, teams, and leaders, offering core services like Workspaces, Focus View, and Cloud Patches. Set to be your go-to for account features, deep insights, and robust enterprise controls.


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