GitKraken Desktop


Individual Productivity

Speed Up Your Development Workflow

Focus more and go faster with tools designed to fine-tune your development process.

Better Focus

Unblock your workflow with Launchpad

All your PRs, issues, and work-in-progress in one place. Pin crucial items to the top for immediate focus or snooze less urgent PRs to tackle later. Quickly identify priorities and keep your work moving smoothly.

Stay aligned and keep moving forward

Get a clear overview of your activities alongside your team’s. Team View offers visibility into each member’s tasks, helping you to synchronize your efforts and ensure you stay aligned.

Insights & DORA Metrics

Uplevel your efficiency with Insights

Data-driven insights help you track and enhance your development speed. Visualize cycle times, throughput, and merge rates with detailed analytics to optimize performance.

Better decision-making at your fingertips

Bring the power of GitKraken Insights to your terminal. Monitor PR dynamics and team throughput with simple commands that integrate easily into your dev workflow, so you can make informed decisions swiftly.

See what the GitKraken DevEx platform can do for you

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