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Navigate Git, manage multiple repos, and resolve merge conflicts faster and more effectively with GitKraken.

Visualize Git

Easy-to-read commit history

Leverage the Commit Graph to transform complicated Git histories into an understandable visual map. This powerful tool helps you trace changes clearly and confidently, making Git more intuitive and less prone to errors.

Clarify your Git history

The Commit Graph provides an easy-to-use interface to address common Git challenges. Feel more confident about managing version control and get a clear view of who changed what and when.

Merge Conflicts & Rebasing

Knock out conflicting code

The Merge Tool is designed to make conflict resolution much safer and less time-consuming. With its user-friendly interface, you’ll see the current branch and the target branch you’re merging into side by side.

Take charge of your Git timeline

Quickly reorder commits, squash them together, and rewrite commit messages with a simple drag-and-drop. Interactive Rebase puts complete control at your fingertips, allowing you to adjust your commit history with ease.

Manage Multiple Repos

Stay organized, your way

Group your repos with Workspaces and gain immediate visibility into currently checked-out branches, remote status, and any work-in-progress. Perform multi-repo actions like clone or pull without doing them one at a time.

Smooth out the multi-repo roller-coaster

Keep your changes in sync, and maintain team alignment, no matter where you are or where you code. Stay organized and disruption-free with just a few clicks.

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