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Code Review

Redefine Your Code Review Workflow

The GitKraken DevEx platform transforms how you interact with PRs—simplify, suggest, and take action from any tool.

Code Suggest

Suggest code changes easier than ever before

Take action on GitHub Pull Requests with GitKraken Code Suggest. Review the code in-app, and send suggestions to other GitKraken users on your team.

Go beyond GitHub’s restrictive interface

Free your code reviews from GitHub’s restrictive, comment-only feedback style. As simple as suggesting changes in a Google-doc, provide real code suggestions from where you code, e.g. your IDE, and on anything in your project.

PR Review

PR review made easy: smooth collaboration, swift decisions

Easily review, edit, merge, approve, and comment on pull requests with GitKraken PR review mode. Effortlessly manage your code review tasks while staying focused on your work.

Manage active pull requests right where you code

Navigate and filter active PRs easily, with visual indicators and search functionality. Integrations with platforms like GitHub, GitLab, and more, provide detailed information, streamlining your code review process.

See what the GitKraken DevEx platform can do for you

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