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Team Collaboration

Level Up Your Collaboration Game

Supercharge your team’s collaboration with the GitKraken DevEx platform and make working together smoother and more intuitive.

Cloud Patches

Collaborate early and often with Cloud Patches

Cut delays in PR reviews by sharing work-in-progress early and without committing to the repo. Easily iterate on changes together and ultimately speed up merging. Maintain tight control of code sharing all along the way.

Turn code challenges into team triumphs

Easily share tricky code segments with a teammate, let them provide their perspective and solution, then reintegrate with ease. It’s friction-free collaboration, even for the toughest code challenges.

Code Suggest

Suggest code changes easier than ever before

Take action on GitHub Pull Requests with GitKraken Code Suggest. Review the code in-app, and send suggestions to other GitKraken users on your team.

Go beyond GitHub’s restrictive interface

Free your code reviews from GitHub’s comment-only style of feedback. It’s as simple as suggesting changes in a Google Doc; provide real code suggestions from wherever you code, like your IDE, and on anything in your project.

See what the GitKraken DevEx platform can do for you

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