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Faster Reviews. Fewer Restrictions.

Say goodbye to GitHub’s line-restricted feedback. Easily suggest code changes anywhere in your project, as simple as using Google Docs, all through GitKraken Code Suggest.

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Unshackle your teams code reviews

Free your code reviews from GitHub’s restrictive, comment-only feedback style. As simple as suggesting changes in a Google-doc, provide real code suggestions from where you code, e.g. your IDE, and on anything in your project — not just on the lines of code changed in the PR.

Make suggestions where you code

Ditch the markdown mess. Whether you’re in an IDE, using GitKraken Desktop, or even command line, Code Suggest integrates right into where you code. It allows you to suggest changes on anything in your project — not just on the lines of code changed in the PR, so you can focus more on quality and less on navigating interfaces.

Instant visibility, faster collaboration

Each suggestion you make is immediately visible on both GitHub and GitKraken. This ensures your team is always up-to-date, making it easier to stay aligned and make quick decisions. The instant sync helps eliminate the usual delays in feedback and speeds up the review process.

Flexible access to fit your needs

Control who sees what with flexible viewing permissions, from public to only specific members of your organization. Need tighter security? Set up your own storage bucket for Code Suggest, keeping your data tightly secured and fully under your control.

Watch the on-demand workshop

Discover the power of Code Suggest and Launchpad in our latest workshop. From suggesting code changes anywhere in your project, to consolidating PRs, Issues, and WIPs, this workshop includes demos so you can seamlessly integrate these new features into your workflow.

Gain valuable insights into overcoming traditional pull request challenges, improving collaboration, and enhancing workflow efficiency with GitKraken’s DevEx platform.

Transform Your Team’s Code Review Workflow

Discover better code review workflows with GitKraken Code Suggest. Suggest changes effortlessly across your entire project—secure, simple, and precisely where you need them.