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Releasing the Power of Git

20 VS Code Shortcuts

Code faster and more efficiently in VS Code with these 20 shortcuts. Learn how to open the command palette, open the terminal, create a new file, and more.

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Best VS Code Themes

Best VS Code themes for 2023. Browse a variety of themes perfect for any developer. Themes include One Dark Teal, Winter is Coming, Summer Night, Pro Hacker, and more.

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Best VS Code Extensions

15 VS Code extensions guaranteed to make coding easier and streamline your workflow. Extensions covered include GitLens, Prettier, Live Server, and more.

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Visual Studio Code is required to install GitLens.

Don’t have Visual Studio Code? Get it now.

Team Collaboration Services

Secure cloud-backed services that span across all products in the DevEx platform to keep your workflows connected across projects, repos, and team members
Launchpad – All your PRs, issues, & tasks in one spot to kick off a focused, unblocked day. Code Suggest – Real code suggestions anywhere in your project, as simple as in Google Docs. Cloud Patches – Speed up PR reviews by enabling early collaboration on work-in-progress. Workspaces – Group & sync repos to simplify multi-repo actions, & get new devs coding faster. DORA Insights – Data-driven code insights to track & improve development velocity. Security & Admin – Easily set up SSO, manage access, & streamline IdP integrations.
winget install gitkraken.cli