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Free Kanban boards with GitHub Issue sync, pull request automation & more

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Visualize Tasks in Multiple Views

No matter the task at hand, there’s a view to help teams get organized! Use the Kanban board view to see tasks by workflow step; calendar view to see tasks by due date; timeline view to see tasks over longer periods of time; dashboards to see aggregated productivity metrics.

Track Tasks While Working in Your Favorite Tools

Wherever you’re working on code, your task and issue trackers will be right there so you can quickly update cards without switching tools. Changes made by anyone anywhere will be viewable in real-time.

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Automate Card Updates based on Column Actions

Eliminate repetitive processes through column automation: update card labels, assignees, due dates and milestones when you perform various actions.

Sync GitHub Issues & Milestones in Real-Time

Create a more visual workflow by bringing your GitHub Issues and Milestones into GitKraken Boards. Regardless of which application your team is working in, all items will two-way sync in real-time.

Link Cards to GitHub Pull Requests

Link GitHub PR to card icon

Link GitHub PRs with Cards

Check PR Status icon

Check PR Statuses

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Auto-update cards based on PR Status

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View Build Statuses

Add Tasks from Slack

It’s easy to preview and create cards directly from Slack. Reduce context switching by updating card assignees, labels, and the column of the card you’re currently viewing, without ever leaving Slack. Even get notified in Slack when someone @mentions you in GitKraken Boards.

Easily Manage Users with Pro Paid Feature

With a GitKraken Boards Pro plan, you can restrict board access to those within your organization and manage all user accounts. Group users into teams so you can add/remove/assign entire teams, and when new team members join or leave, quickly add/remove them from all boards.

Additional Features

"I never used GitKraken Boards b/c I couldn't find benefits. Just created one and, OMG!! It's just so badass! You discover features everywhere you click."

Jean-Guillaume B.