GitKraken Boards & Timelines

January 3rd, 2022

This post was updated:
– December 2022 with more details for paid customers. 
– January 2023 to reflect that Boards and Timelines has reached end of life and to update the FAQ.

Innovative companies consistently try new things. In the best of times, everything works wonderfully. Most times, however, the idea doesn’t quite find its fit nor reach escape velocity. In those times, a good company needs to be honest with itself (and employees, customers, & partners) when a product is no longer part of its strategic future.

And with this in mind, we have sunset GitKraken Boards and GitKraken Timelines at the end of 2022.

Why? Put simply, we’re focusing all development resources on our other rocketship products and ensuring all of our products enhance the Git experience.  

As a fast-growing company, we want to focus our teams on the products and features that add the most value for the most users. Based on customer feedback and usage data, the Boards and Timelines products are no longer on that critical path for our future as a leading Git tools company.

For any legacy accounts set to renew in 2023 – you will maintain access to Boards and Timelines until your renewal date. On your renewal date, your subscription plan will be automatically switched to the best corresponding plan for GitKraken Desktop to ensure your team can continue to use GitKraken Desktop uninterrupted, while removing access to Boards and Timelines. 

As an additional precaution, we will keep a copy of the data in any remaining boards and timelines for 90 additional days. To aid with transitions to other issue tracking systems, users can simply export GitKraken Boards data to a .CSV file. 

Lastly to all of our GitKraken Timelines and Board users, thank you for all your support and feedback over the past three years. This decision allows us to focus on our three product pillars: GitKraken Desktop, Git Integration for Jira, and GitLens – all of which have electrifying, ambitious plans in the works for 2023 and beyond.


Where are my Boards and Timelines today?

Legacy Boards, Timelines, and Suite customers can access their Boards and Timelines until their 2023 renewal date. On that date access will be lost and the subscription will be automatically updated or canceled as appropriate.

For everyone else, Boards and Timelines are already inaccessible.

How do I save my GitKraken Boards data or get a copy of my data?

If you are a legacy Boards, or Suite customer with an active subscription, you may login and export your GitKraken Boards data to a .CSV file. Instructions here. Please note, only 1 Board may be exported at a time.

Alternatively, you may use our GitKraken Boards API to programmatically export data.

What if I have lost access to Boards and/or Timelines but still want my data?

You may email [email protected] to request access to your data. Data will only be kept for 90 days after Jan 1st, or for 90 days after your 2023 renewal date.

What about my GitKraken Timelines data?

The same as above. Send us an email to get temporary access to export your data, as long as you are within the 90 day window.

Exporting can be done for each timeline by clicking the `Export Selected Timeline` button at the top of your Timeline.

What do you recommend as an alternative to Boards?

If you are using Boards for development work and need to maintain connectivity of your repositories with your issues, we suggest using Git Integration for Jira. For personal task management, Trello is a great alternative. 

Will GitKraken Boards or GitKraken Timelines be available as an open source project?

No, there are no plans to open source GitKraken Boards nor GitKraken Timelines.