GitKraken for Teams

The most productive way to use Git as a team

The more team members you collaborate with in GitKraken, the more productivity benefits you get. You’ll know who is working on what, and be able to avoid conflicts before they happen! When your entire team is using GitKraken you’ll be like many tentacles working together in unison to increase overall productivity. Discover all of the features that improve team collaboration.

Organize Teams

With a GitKraken Pro or Enterprise account, Admins can add users, assign roles and create teams within an organization. Easily invite new team members from the Suggested Members list, which pulls in contributors from your organization’s repositories. 

Team Onboarding & Training

GitKraken is the easiest tool to use to onboard your team to Git. The Git GUI’s easy-to-use features combined with our education and training resources make it easy for developers who are new to Git to get up and running fast with Git using GitKraken and the CLI.

Team Visibility

See all the teams you are a member of, your team members, and who is working on which files and branches. 

Flexible License Management

With a GitKraken Enterprise account, choose between cloud-based or self-hosted user accounts or stand-alone user keys to easily manage your GitKraken teams and users, especially as you scale.

Visualize Commit History

The easy-to-read commit graph will help you visualize your team’s commit history to see who made what code changes and when. The CLI can’t give you this level of visibility when auditing your team’s merge history.

Filter Commits by Author or Team

Enable the Author column in the graph to filter by team or by individual contributor.  This will highlight the commits made by any contributor(s) matching your filter.

Avoid Merge Conflicts

Merge conflicts between team members collaborating on the same code can be a major slow down for your Git team workflow. GitKraken is the only Git GUI that detects and alerts you of potential conflicts so you can prevent them from ever happening! The team view will show you which branches and files each team member is working on, with a warning icon ⚠️ to indicate when you and a team member have both made changes to the same file and may encounter a merge conflict.

Resolve Merge Conflicts

GitKraken has a built-in Merge Tool to make conflict resolution amongst team members clear and easy. Clicking a conflicted file opens the Merge Tool to show the current branch on the left and the target branch that you’re merging into on the right. Checking a section adds it to the output at the bottom so you can see the options in context to decide which makes the most sense to commit. You can also configure other popular  external merge tools.

Add Remotes

Using forks with your team? Remotes are easy to search for and add when using integrations like GitHub, GitLab, Azure DevOps, and Bitbucket. This makes viewing and interacting with other forks and remote branches quick and easy.

Share Deep Links

On Slack or GitHub or wherever you communicate with your team, you can share deep links to commits, branches, and tags in specific repositories to jumpstart collaboration in GitKraken. No more hunting down branches; deep links make reviewing collaborators’ changes faster and easier. 

Manage Pull Requests

GitKraken has its tentacles connected to all the popular Git repository hosting services. It’s swift and simple to create pull requests, and teams using GitHub  get even more PR capabilities: edit, merge, approve, request changes or comment on a pull request without ever leaving GitKraken. Your team will be efficiently managing PRs like never before.

Filter Pull Requests

With a whole team of contributors making pull requests, keeping tabs on all the potential changes can quickly become overwhelming. Sort through the noise and filter by pull requests opened by you, assigned to you, awaiting your review, or other custom filters.

Connect Your Issue Tracker

Reduce context switching by connecting GitKraken to Jira, Git Integration for Jira, Trello, GitHub, GitLab or GitKraken Boards to manage your team’s issues, create branches tied to issues, and create new issues directly from GitKraken. 

Built-In Issue Tracking

GitKraken Boards is a task and issue tracking system that you can open in a tab in the client or in a browser. Visualize issues in a Kanban board, timeline or calendar view.

> GitKraken CLI

Teams don’t have to choose between a Git GUI or a CLI, with GitKraken each of your team members can get the best of both! Open a terminal tab to access the GitKraken CLI. Unlike your average CLI, it provides a “keyboard-first”  Git-enhanced terminal experience with the powerful visualization tools GitKraken is known for likethe commit graph, diff view, history and blame view. Even in the GitKraken CLI you don’t need to memorize Git commands, you’ll be lightning fast on the keyboard because this terminal comes equipped with autosuggest and complete for Git commands. Git has never been this easy and powerful using a terminal!

Make Git easier, safer & more powerful.