GitKraken Use Cases

Resolve merge conflicts like a pro

Merge conflicts can be a tedious process. But with GitKraken Client’s built-in Merge Tool, you can tackle merge conflicts with confidence and ease.
Identify Conflicts

Merge conflicts with nowhere to hide

Intervene before any conflicts happen. When you set up teams in GitKraken, you can get collision warnings when another team member is editing the same file as you. 
When you hit a merge conflict from anywhere, open GitKraken Client to see all the conflicted files organized in the Commit Panel for your review. 
Resolve with Merge Tool

Less brain strain, quicker resolutions

The Merge Tool is designed to make conflict resolution much safer and less time-consuming. With its user-friendly interface, you’ll see the current branch and the target branch you’re merging into side by side.
Skip the alligator clips. Resolve the conflicts by selecting code hunks or entire files for the merge commit. 
Before marking the file resolved, you can edit the final output manually and tidy things up. 
Take or Keep All

Turbo mode for the no-brainer resolutions

Sometimes you already know what to keep, and don’t need the merge tool. Right-click on any conflicted file to keep either the current or incoming changes. 

Say goodbye to the hassle of merge conflicts. GitKraken Client’s built-in Merge Tool empowers you to conquer merge conflicts with confidence and ease.  

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