GitKraken Use Cases

Weaving a sleeker Pull Request Workflow

It’s a classic workflow. A developer starts with an assigned issue, followed by creating a branch, and culminating in a Pull Request. GitKraken Client centralizes this workflow so devs always know where they left off, what still needs attention, or what to do next.
Find Your issues

What issues do I need to work on?

Many devs are assigned issues for features or bug fixes. With GitKraken Client’s issue tracker integration, devs can connect Jira, GitHub Issues, GitLab Issues, or Trello and bring their issues to one place. 
There’s no need to open a separate browser tab to view the issue board. View or edit issues from the Focus View and even sort by title, author, or branch.
Curious what others have on their plate? Use the Team View to see issues assigned across all the repos grouped in your Workspace.
Start a Branch

Start work on an issue

Once you know what feature or bug fix to do next, you can use GitKraken Client’s issue tracker integration to create a branch directly tied to the issue.
Save a few clicks. From GitKraken Client, you may open editors like VS Code, Sublime, or Atom using the Command Palette. This opens the text editor directly into the repo, without needing to browse to its location. 
When you’re ready to commit your changes, come back to GitKraken Client to stage (or unstage) changes. Our diff view offers hunk view, inline view, and split view for making sense of your code changes. 
Review and Merge

Submit your work for review

Ready to start a pull request? With GitKraken Client’s pull request integrations you may drag and drop your branch onto a branch like “dev” to start a pull request. 
Know who needs to review your work? Customize your PR by adding more to your description along with assignees or reviewers. 
Save the need to open a new browser tab. Instead, you can view, edit or comment on your pull requests from the Focus View, Team View, or Pull Request pages of your Workspace. Merge when it’s done from GitKraken Client!
Experience the classic developer workflow like never before. With GitKraken Client, everything is centralized, ensuring that developers always have clarity on their assigned issues, branch creations, and Pull Requests.

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