GitKraken Client

The legendary Git client with an intuitive Git GUI & powerful CLI

Check out what’s new, including: Git LFS, stash and large repo performance improvements, Workspaces support for Bitbucket Server, repo and tab aliasing, Git Bash support for the GitKraken CLI on Windows, and more!

Millions of developers and teams around the world choose GitKraken Client to make Git work for them. It makes Git more visual and accessible with an intuitive UI, the flexibility to switch between a GUI or a terminal, and a seamless experience across operating systems.

Integrations with GitHub, GitLab, Bitbucket, and Azure DevOps make it swift and simple to clone, fork, and add remotes. You can even create, view and manage pull requests.

Legendary Features

Visual Commit History

The easy-to-read commit graph will help you visualize branch structure and commit history. It not only helps verify your recent Git actions on the repo, but also shows who made what code changes and when, so it’s easy to track down when a bug was introduced and revert back to a previous version. 

GitKraken graph

Git-Enhanced Terminal

Switch from a Repo Tab to a Terminal Tab to experience a revolutionary “keyboard-first” Git-enhanced terminal experience to help you drive Git faster from the GitKraken Client. Toggle open the visual commit graph for live synchronized visibility into your commits and branches. Use auto-suggest and auto-complete for Git commands to go further faster.

Merge Conflict Resolution

Resolving merge conflicts can be one of the riskiest tasks in Git if you’re using the CLI. GitKraken Client has a built-in Merge Tool to make conflict resolution so much safer. It also detects when two people are working on the same file and alerts you of potential conflicts so you can try to avoid them altogether!

Use GitKraken Client for Free

GitKraken Client is always free to use with local and public cloud-hosted repos. It includes a 7-day trial to work with private repos and access to premium features. There’s no risk in giving it a try!

Why Developers Love GitKraken Client


Git is as notorious as the Kraken for being powerful, but it’s complicated to learn, especially if you’re trying to memorize commands. If you’re new to Git, GitKraken Client will get you up-to-speed faster so you can be productive from day one.


The GitKraken Client reduces the risk of getting your repos into a bad state. It provides secure Git integrations, a mighty conflict resolution tool and an undo button to act as your safety net for unavoidable mistakes. 


Git has many powerful capabilities buried in the depths. GitKraken Client’s merge tool, diff view, interactive rebase mode, and other visual UI elements surface complex Git processes so you can crush any challenges that sail into your path.

Why our clients love GitKraken

Level-up to a paid plan to get the most out of GitKraken Client

  • Work with public AND private repositories
  • Work with local, self-hosted and cloud-hosted repositories
  • Integrations with GitHub Enterprise, GitLab Self-Managed, Bitbucket Server, Azure DevOps
  • Advanced integrations with Jira Issues, GitHub Issues, GitLab Issues, Trello, GitKraken Boards
  • Manage team users & licenses
  • Multiple Git account profiles
  • And more!
Teams View


The more team members you collaborate with in GitKraken Client, the more productivity benefits you get. You’ll know who is working on what, and be able to avoid conflicts before they happen! When your entire team is using the GitKraken Client you’ll be like many tentacles working together in unison to increase overall productivity. Discover all of the features that improve team collaboration.

See GitKraken Client In Action

GitKraken Client helps developers be more productive and teams collaborate more closely.  Take a tour to see how it integrates into your development toolchain.

Learn Git Library

Git is notorious for being complicated to learn. Never fear, all you need is the powerful and intuitive GitKraken Client at your fingertips, along with our extensive library of Git tutorials! We’ll get you up-to-productively contributing to projects with Git from day one.

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