GitKraken Use Cases

Improving development visibility, without adding disruptions

Making effective planning decisions requires data that’s often not found in Jira. Git Integration for Jira helps development stakeholders like product managers get the info they need without ad-hoc meetings or bugging developers.
What we solve

Making Git repository activity accessible for all

Jira is the source of truth for planning and tracking work. However, it has no direct connection to the development work that those work items are tied to. With Git Integration for Jira, all the Dev Ops information that is captured in your repositories becomes available to the broader development stakeholder team that typically does not have access nor spend their time there.

View development activity
in context

Jira users can easily see when a developer creates a branch or makes a commit or pull request – that’s associated with a Jira issue. They receive details on the author, files changed, lines of code changed, and status.

With the repository browser, Jira users can compare Git branches or tags to get a diff of Jira issues. They can also see the associated commits and diffs on the files that were updated. It’s an easy way to confirm what work was done and create release notes.


Self service = less interruptions, better cohesion

The result is that project managers, product managers, and dev team leads can get a better understanding on the status of a specific issue without having to go and talk to a developer and take them out of their flow.

Make better planning decisions with these
Git Integration for Jira features

Git Commits Tab
Git Rollup Tab
Repository Browser
Jira Automation Triggers