Get Started with GitKraken Pro

Free through the GitHub Student Developer Pack

How do I get started?

If you don’t already have GitKraken:

Download GitKraken

Then log in via the GitKraken app, using your GitHub credentials.

If you do already have GitKraken:

Even if you are already signed in through GitHub, you will need to go to Sign into a different account and log in with your GitHub credentials.

  • Please note, it is important that you sign in with GitHub so we can confirm your student developer status with GitHub.
  • Once you’ve logged in, you should see the shiny Pro icon in the bottom-right of the app.
  • We’ll make every effort to provide support for students who get GitKraken Pro for free, but response to support tickets is not guaranteed.

What do I get with GitKraken Pro?

GitKraken gif

GitKraken Git Client

GitKraken is a Git client for Windows, Mac and Linux, which helps you track and manage changes to your code. The UI is not only beautiful, but also a true time-saver for Git beginners. GitKraken simplifies complicated commands like merge and rebase into drag and drop actions. It gives you insights into the changes being made to your repositories, and makes working with remote repos seamless through integrations with GitHub and GitHub Enterprise. It even empowers you to resolve merge conflicts without ever leaving the app!

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GitKraken Glo Boards

Glo Boards provide a more productive way to track tasks and issues from inside GitKraken, a browser, our mobile apps, or even Atom and VS Code! Glo Boards sync in real-time with GitHub Issues to help visualize your to-do list and spread it out into a workflow. You can create an unlimited number of boards and invite different team members to each board. For each board you can customize your workflow, labels and cards; @mention team members; and track activity; which makes collaboration on group projects so much easier!

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Code Editor

The GitKraken Git Client has a built-in code editor. So, you can easily initialize a brand new project and use the built-in code editor to start working on that project. Add new files and folders, and edit them directly in GitKraken. Find exactly what you’re looking for by searching within files, utilizing syntax highlighting, the mini map and side-by-side diff view. When you’re ready, simply save your files, stage and commit your changes. No more context switching!

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