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GitKraken has teamed up with GitHub to give student developers access to the best developer tools for free! It's quick and easy to get started using our cross-platform Git client with GitHub.

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What do I get with GitKraken?

Cross-Platform Consistency

Spend more time learning what you want to learn instead of learning new interfaces. Whatever platform you prefer, GitKraken offers the same luxurious experience! It’s the only Git client built on Electron, allowing it to run natively on Windows, Mac, and Linux desktop systems. So, no matter what machines you need to use and where you use them, you’ll feel right at home.

GitHub Pull Requests in-app

Want to work collaboratively on a GitHub- or Bitbucket-hosted remote repo without switching back and forth between your Git client and your web browser? With GitKraken you can create pull requests from within the app! Select your forks and branches, optionally edit the PR message and create that pull request.

Built-in merge tool

Maintain your flow and stop switching applications to resolve merge conflicts! GitKraken’s built-in merge tool with syntax highlighting means you don’t have to go anywhere else. Concentrate on the task at hand and beat that deadline!

But wait! Since you’re also getting Pro features, your merge tool is the Pro merge tool! That means you’re also getting a robust output editor, allowing you to fine-tune your code as needed without leaving the app.

Let’s get started! What do I do?

If you don’t already have GitKraken:

  • Download and install GitKraken.
  • Log in via the GitKraken app, using your GitHub credentials.

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If you do already have GitKraken:

  • Even if you are already signed in with your GitHub login, you will need to go to Sign into a different account and log in with GitHub.

  • Please note, it is important that you sign in with GitHub so we can confirm your student developer status with GitHub.
  • Once you’ve logged in, you should see the shiny Pro icon in the bottom-right of the app.
  • We’ll make every effort to provide support for students who get GitKraken Pro for free, but response to support tickets is not guaranteed.