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The GitKraken Git GUI (graphical user interface) empowers 2 million+ developers on Windows, Mac, and Linux to release software faster, with fewer errors. Deploy GitKraken across your enterprise to improve the overall efficiency of your development teams and reduce the steep learning curve of Git.


The GitKraken Git GUI integrates with leading repository hosting services—along with any internally hosted repos—to help streamline your development team’s workflow and make working with Git much more intuitive.

User & License Management

GitKraken offers a number of different ways to manage users and licenses:

  • GitKraken Git GUI Pro: Users and licenses are managed using the GitKraken account management system. Users are authenticated via email and managed in the GitKraken cloud. Users can be added and removed at any time and software updates are automated.
  • GitKraken Git GUI Self-Hosted: Users are managed via LDAP integration or if not using LDAP, authenticated via email, and managed in-app on your servers. Users can be added and removed at any time. Users added will navigate to the GitKraken self-hosted server to download the GitKraken Git GUI for their OS.
  • GitKraken Git GUI Stand-Alone: There is no in-app user tracking or account management as Stand-Alone is a serverless client. You deploy the stand-alone client and the license file directly to users.

One Renewal Date
One of the benefits of GitKraken is that all user accounts renew on the same date. When you add additional users mid-way through a subscription, each license is prorated to your renewal date.

One License, Multiple Operating Systems
Each user can use GitKraken on multiple machines and on all supported operating systems.

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GitKraken Plans

Features Pro Self-Hosted Stand-Alone
Features Pro Self-Hosted Stand-Alone
In-app merge conflict tool
In-app code editor
Gitflow support
File history & blame
Git hooks support
Interactive rebase
One-click undo & redo
Fuzzy finder
Commit signing
Keyboard shortcuts
Dark & light themes
Work with public repositories
Work with private repositories
In-app merge conflict output editor
GitHub Enterprise Self-Hosted integration
GitLab Self-Managed integration
Bitbucket Server self-hosted integration
Guaranteed email support
Multiple profiles for work & personal
Jira Server integration  Create/view/filter/edit issues, create branches tied to issues, & comment on issues
Jira Cloud integration  Create/view/filter/edit issues, create branches tied to issues, & comment on issues integration integration integration
Azure DevOps integration
Requires an account on
License & user management  Account owners & admins can add/delete users & assign roles
LDAP integration for user management
Manage and rollout product updates internally
For use without an account or network connectivity

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