GitLens Features

Features that supercharge Git in VS Code

Blame Annotations For Every Line

At the end of every line of code, GitLens exposes the author of the last commit, how long ago the commit was made, and other detailed blame information. The status bar blame shows similar information. Hovering over these annotations will reveal much more details about the commit history for each line.

✨ Commit Graph - Now out of preview!

We’re delighted to announce that the Commit Graph is out of Preview, and is full featured! This means you may now interact with the Commit Graph directly and take actions like:

  • Interact with branches, commits, tags and more with right-click context menus
  • Double click a branch to checkout a branch
  • Rich search and filters for commits
  • Get information about Pull Requests

✨ Learn about GitLens+ Features

Commit Details View

Get contextual change info about your code.

The Commit Details View updates as you move your cursor throughout the file with information about the commit that modified that line of code. Get quick information about the commit author, commit ID, links to Pull Requests, files modified in the commit, and more.

Brings powerful GitLens+ features to your private repos like the GitKraken Commit Graph, Worktrees, Visual File History, and rich integrations with GitHub Enterprise and GitLab Self-Managed.

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View Git Authorship Via CodeLens

At the top of each file and at the beginning of each block of code, GitLens exposes the most recent commit and number of authors. It does this by leveraging CodeLens, one of the most powerful tools inside VS Code, which provides clickable links exposing commit details and allows you to select from a quick pick menu to compare, navigate and further explore each commit.

Easily Navigate Revision History

With just a click of a button, you can navigate backwards and forwards through any file’s history. Compare changes over time and see the revision history of the whole file or every individual line of code. Customizable and unobtrusive Git blame annotations are still shown on every line, telling you the author, date, and message for the last commit!

On-Demand File Annotations

See customizable file annotations in the editor’s status bar and in the gutter, the space beside the line number. Choose between:

  • Blame – showing the commit and author for each line.
  • Changes – highlighting any local, unpublished, changes or lines changed by the most recent commit.
  • Heatmap – to show how recently lines were changed relative to all the other changes in the file.

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GitLens is the leading Git extension for developers looking to leverage the full power of Git. It provides insightful, and contextual repository details that help millions of developers go further, faster.

Side Bar Views

GitLens adds many side bar views like Commits view, File History, Branches, Remotes, Stashes, Tags, Contributors, and the Search & Compare view, to provide additional rich functionality. The default layout of these views can be quickly customized to show all the views together on the Source Control side bar or on the GitLens side bar.

Git Repository Host Integrations

GitLens provides rich integrations with many remote providers, including GitHub, GitHub Enterprise, GitLab, Gitea, Gerrit, Bitbucket, Bitbucket Server, Azure DevOps and custom servers. Quickly gain insights from pull requests and issues without leaving your codebase. 

All Git repository host integrations provide issue and pull request auto-linking, while advanced integrations (e.g. GitHub) provide more detailed hover information, plus the ability to associate pull requests with branches/commits, and avatars. 

Git Command Palette

This powerful tool provides guided, step-by-step access to many common Git commands, as well as quick access to commits (history and search), stashes, and status (current branch and working tree).

Interactive Rebase Editor

A user-friendly editor to easily configure an interactive rebase session. Simply drag & drop to reorder commits and select which ones you want to edit, squash, or drop.

Terminal Links

Using ctrl+click on autolinks in the integrated terminal will quickly jump to more details for commits, branches, tags, and more.

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