GitKraken Use Cases

More efficient code workflows

Juggling multiple branches and a slew of code changes can often feel like an uphill battle, eating into precious coding hours. GitLens redefines this process, transforming potential disorder into a smooth, error-minimized workflow. This way, you can zero in on what truly counts – producing excellent code.
Branch Chaos Tamed

Effortless Worktree management

GitLens Worktrees treat each branch as an independent repository, reducing complexity and enhancing your coding workflow. This unique separation allows you to isolate tasks, avoid conflicts, and boost productivity, enhancing your focus on producing excellent code.
Commit Insights on Demand

Leveraging AI for commit clarity

With AI Commit Explain, gain a comprehensive understanding of the reasoning behind each commit. Our AI Generate Commit Message feature helps craft clear, descriptive commit messages, contributing to a well-maintained version history, further improving your coding workflow.
Streamlined Commit History Editing

Interactive Rebase Editor

Gain the power to visually reorder, squash, and refine commits right within your code environment. This allows you to stay focused and optimize your development time, eliminating the need to switch between different rebasing tools.
All the Power, Right Where You Need It

The outcome: streamlined workflow, refined focus

GitLens simplifies your coding process. It takes complex tasks, breaks them down, and aligns them for better workflow efficiency and focus. GitLens is not just about managing your work—it’s about paving the way for quality code creation in a distraction-free environment. Learn more

More use cases

Reduce Context Switching
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