With over 25 million installs, GitLens is the most popular Git extension for Visual Studio Code. It gives you valuable insights into code authorship and unlocks the full power of Git in VS Code.

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25million devs


Don’t make changes in the dark. Let GitLens help illuminate the hidden knowledge within a repository and visualize the impact of Git actions allowing you to make safer, more informed choices.


Maintaining focus is critical. Any extra time spent on context switching or missing context can disrupt your flow. That’s why we built GitLens – the ultimate tool for making Git work for you. With GitLens you can zero in on the most important changes and effortlessly track code authorship while minimizing context switching.


Coding is a team sport. Collaborating early and often with rich relevant context is crucial for avoiding delays and delivering high quality code with little rework. GitLens gives you a crystal-clear view of your team’s work and progress so you can make better decisions as you work on code together.


Context switching kills productivity. GitLens not only reveals buried knowledge locked within your repository, it also pulls together additional context from issues and pull requests providing you with a wealth of information and insights at your fingertips.


GitLens enables developers to streamline workflows and increase productivity by unlocking untapped knowledge within each repository to better understand your code. With many rich productivity and visualization features, including the Commit Graph, Visual File History, and Worktrees, GitLens eliminates daily friction from the developer experience. Equipped with GitLens, developers can move faster, collaborate more effectively, and ultimately deliver higher-quality code in less time.

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With over 25 million installs, GitLens is one of the most popular VS Code extensions. Period. GitLens offers in-depth, contextual Git details, helping developers gain valuable insights and unlock powerful Git features.