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See how our issue board helps developers with task tracking!

A New Issue Board Experience

Glo Boards help developers to visualize and track tasks and issues in a Kanban or calendar view. Whether you're working in Visual Studio Code, the GitKraken Git Client, a browser or Atom, you can update tasks as you go!

"When I found GitKraken, everything was so much easier. It saves a lot of time! And the addition of the Glo Boards has been a game changer. We have our whole team on it, whether they are developers or not."

James P.

GitHub Integrations

Enhance your GitHub workflows by syncing Issues with Glo boards to visualize tasks in interactive Kanban boards and automating Glo card updates with GitHub Actions.

GitHub Issue Sync

Update Glo cards or GitHub Issues & watch them sync in real-time across systems

Automated Card Updates

Use GitHub Actions to automate Glo card updates during your repository workflows

"Wow! Here I thought I LOVED Trello, but now I have GitKraken! You can sync your GitHub with it and integrate it even more closely with your workflow."

Cecille S.

Securely Manage Company Boards

Teams Paid Feature

Group users & add them
to multiple boards

Organizations Paid Feature

Manage access to all
company boards

"Just bought everyone on my team a GitKraken license. Thrilled to use Glo Boards as a team"

Justin W.


Glo Marketplace

Extend your productivity! Find integrations for GitLab Issue sync, JetBrains IDEs, time tracking & more.

Mobile Apps

"I'm currently using GitKraken Glo Boards with my dev team to make and organize projects, and it's so easy and quick to use that it has improved our efficiency as a team by a lot!"

Marcelo Z.
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