GitHub Download

Let’s start by addressing the Octocat in the room 😉: Can you download GitHub?  If you are interested in downloading GitHub Enterprise for on-premises use or to install in the cloud, check out the GitHub Enterprise documentation.  If you’re looking for how to download GitHub Desktop, see how GitKraken Client compares to GitHub Desktop and […]

Git Download

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To start using Git, you’ll first need to download Git for your operating system. In this article, we’ll cover how to download Git for Windows, Mac, and Linux. You’ll also learn how to configure Git with your identity so you can start working on your first Git project.  Download Git for Your Operating System Download […]

How to Write a Good Git Commit Message

Writing a Good Git Commit Message Before we jump into the best practices for composing top tier Git commit messages, let’s start with a quick refresher on what a commit is in Git. Git commits are a way to “record changes to a repository.” A Git repository is the collection of files tracked in the […]

Git Push

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The Git push command uploads local changes to your remote repository. Generally, when using Git, your code exists in both a local repository on your computer, as well as one or more repositories on a server. We call the repos stored on a server “remotes”.  Git push will upload Git commits from your local repository […]

Git Worktree

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The Git worktree command allows you to checkout and work in multiple Git branches simultaneously.  Now, what situations might you utilize this action? Imagine you’re in the middle of making numerous changes on a project with multiple new dependencies introduced with various WIP changes. What would happen if you suddenly have to work on a […]

Git Push Force

Git Push Force The Git push command takes the changes you’ve made on your local machine and updates your remote repository to reflect those changes. Developers use this command to update their remote repository in order to share the most accurate Git history with project collaborators.  Git push is the command of choice for updating […]

Git Push to Remote Branch

Git Push to Remote Branch Are you looking to Git push a local branch to a remote? Pushing a local Git branch to a remote will update the remote branch with all commits made on the local branch. Pushing is done to make the local changes accessible on the remote for others to fetch or […]

GitHub – How to Fork

How to Fork in GitHub In Git, forking a repository means making a copy of a repository, stored either publicly or privately, under your personal account on a remote hosting service, such as GitHub.  For example, if you were to fork the VS Code GitHub repository, the new copy would be stored at<Your-github-account-name>/vscode-gitlens. Forking […]

Undo Git Commit

Undo Git Commit Even for the more experienced and diligent developers, mistakes happen when working with Git repositories. So what is the best step to take after you make a mistake in Git? Well, that depends.  Depending on the scenario at hand, the best process for fixing your mistake might be to undo it all […]

GitHub Delete Repository

GitHub Delete Repository Once a Git repository has been cloned from a remote hosting service, like GitHub, to a computer, an identical copy of the contents is created on the local machine. This process is completed through the Git clone action.  This is important to understand, because deleting a GitHub repository from a local machine […]