Git Tag

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Learn the difference between lightweight and annotated Git tags, and see step-by-step instructions for viewing tags, deleting tags, and more.

Git Add

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Git allows you to take snapshots of a repository over time. Each of those snapshots is called a Git commit.  But how does Git know what information we want to commit?   This is where Git add comes in.  Git add is a command that allows you to stage individual files, or all files in the […]

Git Fetch

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One of the reasons Git has become so popular is because it enables teams of any size to collaborate on code.  When working with Git, users can Git push changes to a shared copy of their local repository, called a Git remote.  New collaborators can pull down these collective changes– the sum of all related […]

Git Config

Customize how Git works and how you interact with it using the Git config command. Learn how to Git config username, Git config email, the hierarchy of the Git config commands, and more.

Git Patch

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Git patches are text files used to share code. Learn how to create and apply Git patches using the command line and GitKraken Client.

Git Reset

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Git reset allows you to move the HEAD to a previous commit, undoing the changes between your starting state and specified commit. Learn how to use Git reset hard and soft.

How to Download From GitHub: Master Repositories, Files, and Releases

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Are you on the hunt for a comprehensive article about how to download from GitHub? Whether you’re interested in downloading GitHub Enterprise, GitHub Desktop, or a specific file from GitHub, you’ve landed on the right page. We’re here to walk you through each process, ensuring you have all the tools you need to master GitHub […]

Git Download

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To start using Git, you’ll first need to download Git for your operating system. In this article, we’ll cover how to download Git for Windows, Mac, and Linux. You’ll also learn how to configure Git with your identity so you can start working on your first Git project.  Download Git for Your Operating System Download […]

Writing a Good Git Commit Message

Before we jump into the best practices for composing top tier Git commit messages, let’s start with a quick refresher on what a commit is in Git. Git commits are a way to “record changes to a repository.” A Git repository is the collection of files tracked in the .git folder of a project. In […]

Git Push

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The Git push command uploads local changes to your remote repository. Generally, when using Git, your code exists in both a local repository on your computer, as well as one or more repositories on a server. We call the repos stored on a server “remotes”.  Git push will upload Git commits from your local repository […]