What is Git Pull?

Beginner Git Tutorial  GitKraken streamlines collaborative Git actions, like pushing and pulling, to improve your team’s workflow. Download GitKraken Free Windows / Mac / Linux The Git pull command will update your local clone of a Git repository with any changes from the related remote.  Watch this beginner Git tutorial video to learn what the […]

How do you undo a Git merge?

How do you undo a Git merge? It happens to the best of us. You’ve just made code changes, committed them, and merged those changes into your main branch. Le gasp! You realize after the fact that you shouldn’t have done that. When this happens, you’ll need a way to get your main branch back to its […]

Git Clone Branch

Git Clone Branch Before you can get started with an existing project repository in Git, you will first need to create a local copy of the project on your machine. Here is where the Git clone command comes in. The Git clone action downloads a copy of an existing remote Git repository to your machine, including all branches. By […]

Git Pull Rebase

Git Pull Rebase Before we get started on the Git pull rebase action, let’s quickly outline the two commands: Git pull and Git rebase. Git pull allows you to integrate with and fetch from another repository or local Git branch. Git rebase allows you to rewrite commits from one branch onto another branch. Let’s say you […]

Git Pull Force

Git Pull Force The Git pull command allows you to fetch from and integrate with another repo or local branch.  There may come a time in your workflow when you wish to forcefully override your local branch’s history and files to match your remote. While Git does have ways of making this happen, you actually […]

What is Git Clone?

Beginner Git Tutorial Solidify your understanding of cloning by following along with the tutorial using this practice GitHub repo. Practice Cloning Learn how to Git clone a remote repository to create a local version on your machine so you can experiment without affecting the main codebase. In Git, cloning a repository creates an exact copy […]

Learn Git: How to Git Merge

Intermediate Git Tutorial The Git merge command can be a useful tool for combining changes, such as merging a Git branch to combine changes from one branch to another. When evaluating Git merge vs rebase, merging can be used to preserve your complete repo history and makes it easier to undo mistakes. Watch this intermediate Git […]

What is Git Checkout?

Beginner Git Tutorial The checkout command tells Git which branch or commit you want your changes applied. Git checkout helps you apply changes to the right branch, and it can also be great for reviewing old commits. Watch this beginner Git tutorial video to understand what Git checkout is and how to use this action. […]

Git Merge

When working in Git, the merge action is used to combine changes from one branch to another, such as Git merge to master. Merging can also be helpful for preserving your repo history. Particularly when comparing Git merge vs rebase, merging preserves a more complete history, and makes it easier to undo mistakes. We’re going to […]

Git Clone

Git clone is used to copy an existing Git repository into a new local directory. The Git clone action will create a new local directory for the repository, copy all the contents of the specified repository, create the remote tracked branches, and checkout an initial branch locally. By default, clone will create a reference to […]