Git Tutorials

Instructional Training Videos

Jump in and learn Git based on your knowledge level. These beginner, intermediate, and advanced Git tutorials break down concepts into short videos that will teach you the concept and then walk through an example of how to apply it.

Beginner Git Tutorials

What is a Git repository?

Learn how to initialize Git on a project to create a new Git repo and what happens when you delete a Git repository.

What is a Git commit?

What is a commit? How do you commit in Git? Learn how to perform a commit in Git to save changes to your Git repository.

What is a Git remote?

Learn what a Git remote is, how to clone a Git remote to collaborate with team members, and how to add a remote to your project in Git.

How to Git Branch

Watch this beginner Git tutorial video to learn more about branching in Git, how to delete a Git branch, how to create & rename a Git branch, & switch a Git branch.

How Git SSH Works

How does Secure Shell work in Git? What are SSH keys? Learn how to use an SSH agent to communicate with an SSH server on your computer’s behalf.

How to Git Stash

What is stashing in Git? How do you create a Git stash? How do you apply a Git stash? How do you pop a Git stash? Learn how to stash file changes in Git.

How Git Diff Works

What are Git diffs? Learn how to view the diff between multiple commits, how to view the diff between multiple branches, and how diff text works in Git.

Intermediate Git Tutorials

How to Create Git Hooks

What are Git hooks? How do you access your .git/hooks folder? Learn how to set up Git hooks to run shell scripts that trigger after Git actions are performed.

How to Git Squash

How does Git squash work? Can you squash 2 commits? Learn how to use this command to squash commits in Git to clean up your repo history.

What is a Pull Request in Git?

What is a pull request? What is a pull request in GitHub? Learn how pull requests work in Git and see an example of opening a pull request in GitHub.

How to Git Cherry Pick

Watch this intermediate Git tutorial video to learn how to cherry pick a commit, and see an example of cherry picking in the GitKraken Git GUI.

Advanced Git Tutorials

How to Resolve a Merge Conflict in Git

What is a merge conflict? How do you resolve merge conflicts in Git? Learn when a merge conflict in Git will occur and how to resolve them.

What is Git LFS?

What is Git LFS? How do you install Git LFS? Learn how to use Git LFS to save space in your remote repository when working with binary files in Git.

What is a Git Submodule?

How do you work with Git submodules? How do you add a Git submodule? Learn how to add a Git submodule and how to pull changes to your main project.