What is a Pull Request in Git?

Intermediate Git Tutorial

When working with pull requests, GitKraken clearly displays which branch you’re on and which branch the PR refers to, something even advanced Git users commonly get wrong.

What is a pull request in Git? A pull request is an event in Git where a contributor asks a maintainer of a Git repository to review code they want to merge into a project.

Watch this intermediate Git tutorial video to see how you can fork a Git repository on a remote hosting service, like GitHub. You will also learn how to clone a GitHub repository onto your local machine so you can make your code changes before pushing them to your forked repository.

This video also includes tips and best practices for getting your Git pull request approved and changes merged and see how to open a pull request in GitHub.

Git Pull Request Approval

The process for a pull request approval in Git will involve getting the project maintainer(s) to review your work; after which they will provide comments or, if your pull request is approved, will merge your changes directly into the main repository. 

Pull Request Integrations in GitKraken

GitKraken supports pull request integrations with the following remote hosting services: 

After you’ve used one of the above integrations to Git clone a repository, the repo will appear as a remote on the left panel of your central graph. 

Having the immediate visual context of your available remote repos listed clearly in the GitKraken UI makes performing actions on those remotes safer.

Git Pull Request Example

When you have changes ready to submit for approval, you can drag-and-drop your feature branch onto the target branch of the main repo to trigger the option to create a pull request option from the dropdown menu. 

You can also initiate this process by clicking the green + icon on the Pull Requests section on the left panel.

To complete the process of creating your PR, simply hit Create pull request at the bottom of the Git pull request template. Not so bad, right?

Git Pull Request Template

GitKraken supports Git pull request templates when creating new PRs, allowing you to specify details such as title, description, reviewers, and labels. 

Make the process of creating Git pull requests easier and streamline PR templates across your team using the legendary cross-platform GitKraken Git GUI, available for free download.

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