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100,000+ organizations rely on GitKraken Client to empower developers on Windows, Mac, and Linux to release software faster, with fewer errors, to keep mission-critical projects on time and on budget.

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GitKraken Integrations

Whether your Git repositories are hosted or self-hosted for enhanced security, GitKraken Client integrates with leading services to help streamline your development team’s workflow and make working with Git much more intuitive.

Github Enterprise

GitLab Self-Managed

Bitbucket Server

Azure DevOps (VSTS)

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3 GitKraken License Management Options

Choose between Enterprise Cloud, On-Premise Self-Hosted Server or On-Premise Serverless to manage your GitKraken teams and users.

In-app user management and SSO

Managed via

Self-Hosted Server

Managed On-Premises


Requires User Keys

In-app user management and SSO

This GitKraken Enterprise option provides convenient cloud-based user, team, and license management capabilities. Additionally, we support a Single Sign On (SSO) option as an easy way to manage users.

Self-Hosted Server

Includes a license server, with LDAP support for user management. This version enables organizations to deploy software to their users, and control the version upgrade schedule. See system requirements.


For teams who cannot or don’t want to stand up a license server. This option requires manual license tracking & management by the organization, as well as yearly discussions with GitKraken about usage.

License Management Comparison Chart

Available Features by License Management Option In-app user management & SSO Self-Hosted Server Serverless
Managed via
Managed On-Premises
Requires User
GitHub Enterprise Self-Hosted integration
GitLab Self-Managed integration
Bitbucket Server integration
Multiple profiles for work & personal use
Jira Server integration
Jira Cloud integration integration integration integration
Azure DevOps integration
Requires an account on
License & user management
LDAP integration for user management
Manage & rollout product updates internally
No external network connectivity or GitKraken account required
User Minimum

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Start a free trial of the cloud-based version of GitKraken Enterprise or buy now!
Or contact us for an On-Premise Self-Hosted Server and On-Premise Serverless trial.


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