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Having problems with SourceTree’s reliability? Tower still doesn’t support Windows or Linux? GitHub Desktop is not keeping up with your needs? Now’s the time to switch to GitKraken Client, the most advanced Git GUI Client that helps you work with Git, enables team collaboration and works on all systems.

Our Git GUI is designed to make you a more productive Git user by accelerating your workflow and making Git commands, review and pull request processes easy, fast and intuitive. But don’t just take our word for it, see why others already made the switch!

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The graph is so much more sensible than SourceTree and SmartGit Chris Young (@darkbluesun)
I used Fork for a while, but always preferred the more colourful look and the intuitive graph visualization of GitKraken. Now that the latter has interactive rebases, I stopped using Fork. Dennis Doomen (@ddomen)
Finally hit my limit with SourceTree’s bad design, security problems, stability problems and everything else that makes it bad.

Hello @GitKraken! I bought a license and immediately every issues I had with SourceTree was resolved.

Redvonix (@redvonix)
GitKraken has been my favorite Git GUI for a couple of years now. I use it every day. I still do simple commits quickly in the console more often. But with the powerful branch handling, working with GitHub issues and PR is sooo easy. Alexander Böhm (@mheob)
I’ve been using GitKraken for more than a year now and I do not want to go back to anything else. I tried the official visual client of Github and SourceTree from Bitbucket but they don’t come close to what GitKraken is capable of. It’s super intuitive for git beginners and still has all the advanced functionality that you need when things might get messy. Michael Ziörjen (@miczed_)
Started out with GitHub Desktop, but I like having the control that @GitKraken gives me.   Nathan Nye (@call_nye11)
GitKraken is easily one of the best tools I discovered this year that increased my efficiency as a software developer and author noticeably. @GitKraken #delphi   Dr. Holger Flick (@hflickster)
I’m a CLI convert to @GitKraken. I’ve used it to rescue coworkers for a few years. It’s amazing how effortless it is to navigate history with good ux. Justin Good (@jgoodhcg)

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