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Sick of SourceTree? Tired of Tower? Now's the time to switch to GitKraken Git GUI, the most popular Git GUI client for Windows, Mac AND Linux. GitKraken Git GUI is designed to make you a more productive Git user by making Git commands and processes easy, fast, and intuitive. But don't take our word for it, see why other users made the switch!

This! I am 100% committed to @GitKraken now. I left SourceTree to seek a dark skin, yet found something so much better. #coding #gamedev

— S. Darkwell (@DarkwellStudios)

I thinks it's time to switch from #gitcola to #gitkraken. It looks great!! #git #codelikeapoem #mi #midexigner

— midexigner (@midexigner)

Goodbye buggy @Atlassian Sourcetree, hello fast as hell @GitKraken ! Hours wasted no more! #git

— Ondrej Bures (@ondrejbures)

'git add -p' and 'git add -i' are OK for this but nothing works as well as a GUI commit editor. Git Cola was my fav until I just recently discovered GitKraken which is the first fully integrated git GUI I've used that doesn't suck.

— Evan Plaice (@evanplaice)

@GitKraken Great Job Guys! Tower is dead to me

— MorbidCamel (@morbidcamel)

@GitKraken seems to be at least 5x faster than @sourcetree on My Windows 10 computer. Sourcetree sucks when files are mounted over network.

— Fofie, Delly (@fofiedelly)

It is "da bomb!"
I think people should give it a try. I'm happy with it. I moved away from Tower to use GitKraken and I have no regrets

— FReNeTiC (@frenetic_br)

I used Fork for a while, but I always preferred the more colorful look and the intuitive graph visualization of GitKraken. And now that the latter has interactive rebases, I stopped using fork.

— Dennis Doomen (@ddoomen)

Used @GitKraken for the first today and I'm really pleased with the initial experience. Things seem to just work. Finally! #ByeSoureTree

— Dustin Moris Gorski (@dustinmoris)

The graph is so much more sensible than source🌲 and smartgit

— Chris Young (@darkbluesun)

After months of using SourceTree for my day job, I just tried to do some things (for my freelance stuff) in GitHub Desktop and it was painful. To summarise, I'm now a @GitKraken user.

— Leesa Ward (@doubleedesign)

The interactive rebase tool in @gitkraken is :chefs_kiss: Makes what would otherwise be a clunky command line interaction completely seamless 🤩😌

— Tomb Rotdolph (@rockerest)

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