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When students are getting started using Git for version control it can be confusing, but it doesn’t have to be. The GitKraken Git GUI, GitKraken Boards and GitKraken Timelines actually help make the process easier, which is why we offer GitKraken Pro licenses free for teachers through the GitHub Teacher Toolbox (and students). Or GitKraken Stand-Alone free for educational institutions. Educators also love our free tutorial videos and cheat sheets for teaching Git!

"I recommend GitKraken to my students because the visual representation of the change history helps them understand the complex branching and forking features of Git. GitKraken also makes it easy to accomplish common tasks."

Justin Hunt
Teacher at Georgian College in Ontario, Canada

GitHub Teacher Toolbox GitKraken


Request a free GitKraken Pro account (normally $49/user/year) for teachers through the GitHub Teacher Toolbox. It includes: all the Git GUI features; integrations with the hosted and self-hosted versions of GitHub, GitLab, Bitbucket and Azure DevOps; the code editor; all GitKraken Board features; and all Timeline features.


If your educational institution has a computer lab, you can get GitKraken Stand-Alone for free for all of your lab computers (a $99 per computer value). It’s serverless, works on air-gapped networks and doesn’t require individual accounts. It includes all Git GUI features and the code editor, but currently does not include GitKraken Boards or GitKraken Timelines.

Free Tools:

When your students are using one Git GUI and issue tracking system, it makes it easier for them to learn and collaborate, and for you to review. Plus, Timelines are a great way to communicate project milestones and deadlines.

"I teach my students to use GitKraken because it’s easy to use, understand, and has beautiful UI/UX."

Omar Jair Purata Funes
Teacher at Universidad de Guanajuato in León, Mexico

GitKraken Git GUI

GitKraken is a Git GUI for Windows, Mac and Linux, which helps students track and manage changes to their code. The UI is not only beautiful, but also a true time-saver for Git beginners. GitKraken simplifies complicated commands like merge and rebase into drag and drop actions. It gives you and your students insights into the changes being made to the repositories, and makes working with remote repos seamless through integrations with GitHub and GitHub Enterprise. It even empowers students to resolve merge conflicts without ever leaving the app!

Code Editor

The GitKraken Git GUI has a built-in code editor. So, you can easily initialize a brand new project and use the built-in code editor to start working on that project. Add new files and folders, and edit them directly in GitKraken. Find exactly what you’re looking for by searching within files, utilizing syntax highlighting, the mini map and side-by-side diff view. When you’re ready, simply save your files, stage and commit your changes. No more context switching!

GitKraken Boards

GitKraken Boards are the easiest way for computer science students and teachers to track individual and group tasks! Sync boards with GitHub Issues to visualize items in a workflow or calendar view. Make collaboration on group projects easier by creating an unlimited number of boards and inviting different team members to each board. Customize each workflow, add labels, @mention team members, and track activity.

GitKraken Boards is not currently included in GitKraken Stand-Alone, but it's free for students and teachers to sign up!

GitKraken Timelines

Stay organized by visualizing your upcoming project milestones and deadlines in a linear timeline. Add items that need to be completed for each milestone. Create timelines for each class or project and then view them layered on top of each other. Add images to milestones and as background images. If you’re using GitKraken Boards, you can also view all your tasks in a timeline view.

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Why Students Love GitKraken:

"Being a student, GitKraken helps get my work done in a much simpler, faster way. I can work on my projects using the built-in code editor, and I can push the code directly to my repo from the GitKraken GUI."

Manbir Singh Mawrah
Student at Bharati Bidyapeeth’s College of Engineering in New Delhi, India


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Teach Git with GitKraken

All of our Git tutorials and educational content are organized on a public GitKraken Board to help you teach Git. Share our Student Starter GitKraken Board and have your students make a copy so they can track their progress as they learn Git with GitKraken!

What is a Remote Repository? [Beginner Git Tutorial]

Length: 1:53

This quick Git tutorial video goes over what a Remote Repository is and how to initialize one using GitKraken.




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