Free online timeline maker for communicating project milestones & deadlines

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Communicate Across Teams & Departments

To successfully manage a project, you need to communicate major goals or milestones so team members know what’s coming up, and when. While task tracking tools like GitKraken Boards are great for managing tons of daily tasks, GitKraken Timelines is the best way to communicate high-level initiatives across teams and departments.

Quickly Create & Update Timelines Online

GitKraken Timelines is the first free timeline maker that’s built into a suite of tools for software development teams. It’s designed to make it easy to update deadlines as projects evolve, and all other deadlines will automatically adjust. Plus, you can overlay multiple timelines to see how project deadlines overlap.

Present Timelines in Meetings

Timelines are a great way to communicate important initiatives and deadlines during meetings. Switch to Presentation Mode to keep your audience focused on one milestone at a time.

Embed Public Timelines

If you want to make a timeline viewable on your website, you can easily embed it.



For teams & companies

All Free features, plus:

    • Unlimited private timelines
  • Collaborate with others on Timelines
  • Manage users & licenses
  • Define teams to quickly add/remove groups of users

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For students & hobbyists

  • Unlimited public timelines
  • Up to 3 private timelines
  • Presentation mode

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