Manage your Jamstack code and deployments with Buddy and GitKraken

June 22 - 9:00am PDT (UTC -7)

Learn how to set up and manage your NextJS site, from the initial theme cloning to final production on Netlify, using GitKraken and Buddy.

Who is the webinar for:

  • Beginner NextJS developers – Learn how to manage version control and deploy your site to Netlify with a CI/CD pipeline
  • Developers and project leads – Discover the Git and DevOps solutions you need to optimize your tool belt
  • Git beginners – Understand easier and more refined ways of deploying your files

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Note: Buddy and GitKraken are partnering to bring you this awesome webinar. By registering for this event, you are consenting to share your email address with both companies.

What attendees will learn:

  • Learn about the benefits of using the GitKraken Git GUI for better code management.
  • Explore GitKraken features like drag and drop push, graph visualization, and the Undo button.
  • Git best practices for working on a NextJS site.
  • Proper feature branching when collaborating with a remote team.
  • See how to manage GitHub Pull Requests without needing to open the GitHub website.
  • Learn how to integrate Buddy with GitHub and Netlify.
  • How to use Buddy’s Sandbox feature to easily add testing into the CI/CD pipeline for your Jamstack site.
  • How to set up a workflow to manage code locally and automagically push the built site to production on Netlify.

Webinar Presenters:

Dwayne McDaniel
GitKraken Developer Evangelist

Maciek Palmowski
WordPress Ambassador at Buddy & GitKraken Ambassador