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Releasing the Power of Git

GitKraken Suite B

The world’s most powerful suite of Git tools. Get the entire GitKraken suite. Half the price. GitKraken Client | GitLens for VS Code | GitKraken

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GitKraken v4.1

GitKraken is now stronger and smoother than a lumberjack on Timber. In this release, we’ve increased performance and significantly reduced memory consumption. Plus, GitKraken now supports GitHub, GitLab, and VSTS pull request templates. Find out more…

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GitKraken v4.0

Files can now be edited directly in the GitKraken Git Client, which means it’s easier than ever to start a project, create some files, and start coding! We’ve also added syntax highlighting, split view, and more…

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GitKraken v3.6

When it comes to creating pull requests, GitKraken differentiates itself from other Git clients by providing more robust functionality. In this release, you now have the ability to add assignees, reviewers and labels to PRs. Also, you can monitor the status of PRs! Find out more…

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Visual Studio Code is required to install GitLens.

Don’t have Visual Studio Code? Get it now.

Team Collaboration Services

Secure cloud-backed services that span across all products in the DevEx platform to keep your workflows connected across projects, repos, and team members
Launchpad – All your PRs, issues, & tasks in one spot to kick off a focused, unblocked day. Code Suggest – Real code suggestions anywhere in your project, as simple as in Google Docs. Cloud Patches – Speed up PR reviews by enabling early collaboration on work-in-progress. Workspaces – Group & sync repos to simplify multi-repo actions, & get new devs coding faster. DORA Insights – Data-driven code insights to track & improve development velocity. Security & Admin – Easily set up SSO, manage access, & streamline IdP integrations.
winget install gitkraken.cli