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GitKraken Client Release 9.6

GitKraken Client 9.6: Pull Request Insights and SSH Commit Signing

Insights sings, while SSH signs (yes, I was proud of that one). GitKraken Client 9.6 has arrived, and we’re introducing a dedicated page for GitKraken Insights, improved commit message UX, support for SSH commit signing and SSH strict host key checking, and Azure DevOps workspace enhancements. 

GitKraken Insights Gets a Solo

We’re giving GitKraken Insights the spotlight it deserves by providing it with its own dedicated page within your Cloud Workspaces. Now, you can visualize your pull request statistics in all their glory and manually refresh the metrics. 

GitKraken Client Release 9.6 - Insights Page

If you’re unfamiliar with GitKraken Insights, think of it as a way to measure the frequency and speed  pull requests get merged for the repos in your Workspace. You can group any number of repos in a Workspace, so you can slice the data to get the info you need to take proactive steps.

You may notice there’s room to add more on the new Insights page – perhaps a hint of more to come? We definitely think there are more ways of making sense of your pull requests beyond the current 5 metrics, and we invite you to stay tuned!

Resize Commit Messages: Tailored Viewing Experience

Managing commit messages becomes a breeze in GitKraken Client 9.6. You can now resize the commit messages in the Commit Panel, allowing you to customize the viewing experience based on your preferences. 

GitKraken Client Release 9.6 - resize-commit

Simply select a commit in the graph, and the resize handle will appear below the commit message inside the Commit Panel. Say goodbye to scrolling through lengthy messages and stay focused on what matters most.

SSH Commit Signing and Strict Host Key Checking

Git historically did not support SSH signing. That changed recently, and GitKraken users have been eager to sign their commits with SSH instead of having to switch to the CLI. 

Responding to user requests, GitKraken Client 9.6 introduces support for SSH commit signing and SSH strict host key checking through Git Executable. This elevates the security of your commits by adding an additional layer of authentication through SSH commit signing. 

GitKraken Client Release 9.6 - SSH Signing

This feature would not have been possible without the ongoing work of replatforming GitKraken Client to use Git directly, instead of relying on the NodeGit library. In fact, this feature is only available if you first navigate to Preferences > Experimental, and turn on the Git Executable experimental feature.

Experimental features are our way of making these features available to users sooner, while also getting valuable feedback from users. While this feature is part of experimental features, you can expect SSH commit signing and SSH strict hosting check to stick around for the long term (with some improvements too!).

For detailed technical instructions, please refer to our Help Center documentation.

Enhanced Azure DevOps Workspace Management

Azure users, rejoice! GitKraken Client 9.6 brings you the capability to manually manage an Azure DevOps Workspace directly from a synced Azure Project. With a few simple clicks, you can create a manual Azure Workspace, which will include all repositories from the synced Workspace. 

GitKraken Client Release 9.6 - Create customizable Azure DevOps Workspace

You’ll also have the flexibility to add individual projects or repositories as needed, giving you greater control over your Azure DevOps workflow.

Stay legendary out there.

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