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GitKraken Client is the best Git GUI for GitHub

Best Git GUI for GitHub

For software developers around the world, Git is considered to be one of the most popular version control systems, if not the most popular one. Git allows you to track changes to your codebase and collaborate with other developers.

But sometimes, managing Git to perform large or complex operations in your repositories can be overwhelming. Using a Git GUI can make all the difference.

Let’s explore the advantages of using GitKraken Client with your repositories hosted on GitHub.

Top Five Advantages of GitKraken Client with GitHub

GitKraken Client is a Git GUI that makes managing Git repositories much easier. It is a cross-platform client that runs on Windows, Mac, and Linux, and it provides an interface that simplifies the Git workflow. Here are five stand-out features that give GitKraken Client users an advantage.

1. Visual representation: GitKraken Client can open any Git repository on your machine, or even help you clone a repo hosted on GitHub. When you open that repo, GitKraken Client provides an intuitive and visual graph for your repository, making it easy to understand and manage branches, commits, and merges. When it’s easy to read and audit your team’s work, you can make safer, more informed choices, and confidently stay on top of your project’s development.

GitKraken Client's intuitive and visual graph

2. Built-in merge conflict editor: Did you get that “merge conflict” warning on your GitHub pull request? If you’re like our savvy users, you can fire up GitKraken Client to solve that conflict for you. GitKraken Client has a built-in merge conflict editor that helps you resolve merge conflicts safely and in less time. When you can clearly see the current branch and the target branch you’re merging into side by side, you can easily identify conflicting changes and decide what to commit.

The built-in merge conflict editor in GitKraken Client

3. Integration with Our GitHub users are spoiled. GitKraken Client integrates with GitHub, allowing you to authenticate with your account and easily generate SSH keys, clone, fork, add remotes, comment on issues and create pull requests directly from GitHub. That means less context switching! And users with multiple GitHub accounts can manage all of them with GitKraken Client. Read our blog post to learn how.

Of course, GitKraken Client also offers deep integrations with other popular repository hosting services like GitLab, Azure DevOps, Bitbucket, and more. When you don’t have to leave your Git GUI, you can stay focused on your work, efficiently collaborate with your team, and be more productive.

GitKraken Client has a deep integration with GitHub
Create pull requests directly from GitHub with GitKraken Client's integration

4. Git operations: GitKraken Client provides an easy workflow to perform common (and not so common) git operations, such as pulling, pushing, cherry picking, and rebasing. For example, to perform a rebase, you can drag and drop the branch you have in mind and drop it onto the branch to which you wish to rebase. GitKraken Client will do the heavy lifting of listing what git operations are possible between those two branches, like merge, rebase, and even interactive rebase! 

5. File diff: GitKraken Client offers a flexible in-app diff viewer featuring word diffing, syntax highlighting, a file mini-map, and the ability to toggle between Hunk View, Inline View, and Split View. When you can easily spot the differences between files and commits, you can make informed decisions about what to do next.

GitKraken Client has a flexible in-app diff viewer

Combine GitKraken Client with GitHub

GitKraken Client and GitHub are powerful tools that enhance the Git experience for software developers. Using them together provides a streamlined and efficient workflow that makes common and complex Git operations much easier to execute. By leveraging GitKraken Client, developers can elevate their version control workflows and focus on what matters most: writing great code and shipping exceptional software. Read our GitKraken Client release notes for all of the latest features and enhancements.

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